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1996 Peugeot 309Review
Jaafar writes:

It Would Be Nice If Fewer Old People Drive This Care — performance: 0-60: 15s (i'm being generous :D) braking: not good handling: scary at "hight speed" build quality: quite good, don't take a lot of money to be repared and doesn't brake that often. appearance: well it's not an alfa romeo, but i like how it looks, especially the GTI16 version, sick! cost of ownership: one of the cheapest petrol cars, if the engine was rebuild it would probably consume and average of 4-5l /100km, and body parts are easy to find and relatively cheap. fun factor: that depends on your definition of fun :D

Primary Use: Family transportation

Pros: not that much realy, i just like how it looks and how it would look if it's fully tunned

Cons: the performences, but then again it's not bad for a car with that age, engine, milage and original engine parts

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1993 Peugeot 309 Reviews

Off Road Pug By Chris

Great off road fitted a bull bar and sump guard good on fuel great for towing go almost anywhere. road handling is great too good fror pushing things too, like skips and trees shame it was not a turbo... Read More

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309 By Matt

My first motor ish, anyway loved it had a bit of hose pipe to help water cool the engine and had a secondary fan that was operated from a house light switch under steering wheel but it worked! Love... Read More

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Performance-Aceleration is goood no ariel atom but good. Handling is up there in FWD hot hatches, Runs out at like 170kmph Build quality isnt that flash. Appearance the GTIs look tough and interior co... Read More

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its old like me but will come out of hibernation soon! It has been in my possession since I was 23 and is more like a child of mine than a car of mine. I have sweated blood and tears on this car and i... Read More

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Mechanically it was reliable, except the hand brake cable which once or twice froze in the cold Finnish winters. It also didn't rust much, which for a French car in the tough Finnish climate was very ... Read More

Have you driven a 1996 Peugeot 309?