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1995 Volkswagen EuroVanReview
Guru9XHF1X writes:

Long time owners have taken great care of this vehicle. Excellent condition.

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1995 Volkswagen EuroVan 3 Dr Campmobile Passenger VanReview
R Anthony writes:
Cargo Capacity:
Fuel Economy:
Front Seats:
Maintenance Cost:

Stretched Out Herbie... — A little underpowered (in-line 5 cyl. fwd with 5 spd.) in the mountains - but a very comfy set of front seats (good for long rides). Serves well as a mini-camper (only missing a potty). VW is very proud of their parts - but the little Audi engine has never been touched in 202,000 miles (except for A/C and tune-ups).

Primary Use: Family transportation

Pros: We still have it -as a runaround car in Tucson in the winter.  First 140,000 miles were fairly uneventful - the next 50,000 we got lots of new peripheral parts (clutch, gear shift linkage, brakes, misc. expensive stuff ($10K 0ver 8 years - cheaper than payments!).

Now, it's almost new - should run forever...

Cons: Parts prices - tires

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1995 Volkswagen EuroVanReview
Frédéric writes:

Vw Eurovan Transporter Diesel — -Inline 5, diesel, 75hp !!!! 135km/h max, in the red zone. Should have a 6th gear... And TDI... But this way, it's check engine problems free! -Acceleration, 0-100, around 0,5 min !!! -1 ton cargo, with impressively smooth handling, and love curves! Drives like a bigger Jetta. -Mecanics sometimes tricky to fix, need to be well maintain, specially glow plugs. -Very solid body, suspension and breaks. -I prefer to drive this truck than my SLK, can you imagine? Got more speed ticket with that too !!! I've traveled from east to west canada with it, and will do it again.

Pros: Handling, weight capacity, solid body

Cons: performances, syncro not availible in Canad : (

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Displaying all 1995 Volkswagen EuroVan reviews reviews.

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