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1994 Audi 90 quattro CS AWDReview
Chris writes:

Getting A Little Old But Its Still Lots Of Fun. — I love the car to death unfortunately it’s getting close to that end of its life. I like to keep parts genuine, this is no Jap car. Parts with an Audi badge on them cost the earth. Its also one of the few cars that looks better from the back than from the front…. And that’s the part people always see of the car.

Pros: Plenty of torque, and awesome handling.

Cons: Parts with an Audi badge on them cost the earth.

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1994 Audi 90 S FWDReview
Since59 writes:

Great Fun On The Cheap! —

Almost two years back I was in need of a super inexpensive daily driver. I wanted something that was interesting to drive and not too common. After searching the local used car lots I found a 1994 Audi 90S for $3,000.00. It was a 5-speed, well-optioned car with 125,000 on it's silky smooth 2.8 V6. I did a carfax report on this car and found that it has two local owners. I intention was to drive the car until I could buy up to a more modern car with much less milage. After three weeks behind the wheel I racked up over 1,200 miles. This car is a joy to drive and it seems to enjoy long distance travel. After a three months I noticed that the car would stall at a stop light if I didn't shift into neutral and rev the engine. My mechanic told me it was a faulty cam position sensor. I went to my local Audi dealer and after $200.00 for parts and labor, my car ran smoothly again. The V6 is a sweet unit. While it does not enjoy high revs it is a very capable cruiser. Combine it with a solid chassis that enjoys switchbacks as much as interstates and you have a great fun car on the cheap. I must remark on the relatively high cost for parts and labor at the dealer. With a car this age I suggest you find a good independent mechanic. A year and a half later I finally bought a 2003 Passat. Knowing that this model was very similar to my Audi 90 under the skin made me realize what a great job VW/Audi did on the original set up to last over a decade. The down side...The V6 is nose heavy. Audi likes to place it's engines in front of the axle giving these cars a long snout and uneven weight distribution. The Audi would plow a bit on fast, tight turns, much more than the my Passat with the lighter turbo 4. If you're in the market for cheap wheels with character, go find a 90S or even better a 90 Quattro. But make sure you listen for tapping valves and oil leaks as well as quirks in the electical system and failed heater cores (burried deep behind the dash - big bucks for repair). Change the oil regularly and use good quality unleaded premium fuel (with a detergent additive). These two things will ensure your Audi will be a good runner for a long time. By the way, I recently sold my Audi after putting on 40,000 trouble free miles in less than two years and got $1,800.00. If you're in the market for good resale, buy a used Mercedes. If you're looking for genuine fun think Audi.

Owner for 1 years, 8 months

Miles Driven per Year:20,000

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Displaying all 1994 Audi 90 reviews reviews.

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