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1993 Toyota Celica GT HatchbackReview

Quick Little Bugger. — This is quick little 4 cylander w/ lots of get up and go. Even it has a quite a bit of power for how small it is, it has alot of gas milage. It kinda lacks in the audio department for only having a cassette player, which totally makes sence for those years... but now-a-days we need cd players or maybe even dvd players for those types of people. Very fun car to drive, I'd recommend it to anybody who asked.

Pros: Speedy but gas saver.  Great handling

Cons: Audio (cassette/ reciever gives off a fuzzy tone to speakers)

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1993 Toyota Celica GT CoupeReview

Mine Is Black, Fast, And Amazing — its all blacked out which is SEXY, interior is clean, 5-speed, very reliable, and i get a TON of turning heads when i drive by.. =D

Pros: i get good reactions from ppl

Cons: way too easy to get a ticket

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1993 Toyota CelicaReview

Beautiful To Drive — 1993 WRC Edition Celica liftback. 2.2ltr engine. Good acceleration, excellent handling and decent looking. Hell short gear shifting.

Pros: Awesome to drive

Cons: Small on the inside

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1993 Toyota Celica ST CoupeReview

Good Gas Mileage And Fun To Drive — I originally got this car for my daughter, but since she didn't want to drive a manual transmission, I kepted it for myself. I've got 154K miles on it and it runs great. I'm getting 34 MPG and it fun to drive. It does need a new paint job. The top is getting rough. Everything works well and no problems so far.

Owner for 0 years, 6 months

Miles Driven per Year:20,000

Pros: Fun to drive, sporty, great gas mileage

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1993 Toyota Celica GT ConvertibleReview
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A Dream I Hate To See Go. — Despite all of the cons i had listed, none of them ever out weighed the pure joy i had driving this car. My father and I (he drove it many years before i inherited it) both loved the car dearly it was a member of this family. Recently i rolled her into a ditch and completely totalled her. Me and my sister both walked away with no injuries, and let me tell you it's terrifying to be inside of a turned over convertible car and yet she saved our lives. I'm currently in the market for the exact same car i'm not ready to let go of my baby. I'd absolutely recommend this car to anyone on the planet, but not until i save up the money for my next one; i can't risk these precious gems being bought off of the market

Primary Use: Commuting to work

Pros: Looked sporty and slick. Handled like a dream. Super reliable, survived a flood and two fires. Great gas mileage. More power than any teenager should ever handle. Girls love the convertible feature. I replaced the speakers myself and it couldn't have sounded any better with super tweeters that made for ear piercing sharp sounds and bass that shook the side view mirrors. Drove great in the snow and i picked the car out when i was a youngster and waited years to drive it so it has true sentimental value.

Cons: The trunk broke making it a two person job to open and close, the metal cradle holding the battery was too close to the terminals which caused the fires (exploding batteries are never fun) REALLY hated the rain, and was sluggish on super hot and humid days, the gas gauge broke so the trip odometer was used to gauge when the gas light would come one (once the gas light first blinked it usually meant sixty miles to go before running out of gas) the antenna that raised and lowered decided to miss a cog one day and remained up forever leaving a grinding noise whenever the car was turned off, the red paint was seriously faded and some parts were beginning to rust, and lastly the power steering pump/line had sprung a high pressure leak shooting power steering fluid out whenever you turned the wheel all of the way in either direction.

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Displaying 21 - 25 of 25 1993 Toyota Celica reviews.

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