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1992 Suzuki Samurai JL 4WDReview

Fun, Open And Perfect For Anoyher Climate Than Denmark ;) — a fun car to drive, windy and vry nice in the summer. Interior and exterior is made for rough handling and it is not tha fastest car, but is is cheap and runs very long on one tankfull.

Pros: open air, cool

Cons: snow on the frontseat

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1995 Suzuki Samurai Reviews

Suzuki Samurai - The Ultimate Off-roader? By Joe

The Suzuki Samurai, the last uk version of the Suzuki manufactured jeeps which originated in the late 1940s. Fitted with a 1.3 fuel injection engine, the Samurai was also the most powerfull of the "je... Read More

1997 Suzuki Samurai By Pedro

great car but the engine is a bit weak its a 1.3 liter so yeah not the fastest thing in the world but it is really fun off road it very reliable its well built the one i owned was a later 1997 model t... Read More

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Awesome Never Breaks Down. By Jeff

I love my truck because It can go through smaller trails unlike other trucks usually never gets stuck and its my baby I love that truck more than any other vehicle I've had. It's the best truck I've e... Read More

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performane- acceration, poor. braking- good, handling- amazing gas mileage amazing fun factor, tons of fun to drive they are really great to work on and they are really good in the bush. they have a ... Read More

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..... By Hanoon2

1-Performance: acceleration:not bad braking: good handling: gr8 2-Build Quality: squeaks:like any 4*4 3-Appearance: both interior and exterior styling:good 4-Cost of Ownership: Affordabe gas milea... Read More

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Drive It At Every Oppourtunity By Gearnuts

With some minor work on the driver's seat- moving the mounts up, and back, a 6 foot 210 pound guy finds it more comfortable than anything else I drive. You must add an arm rest also. I made one out of... Read More

If You Wanted A Jeep-like Thing, It Was Good. By Todd

Well, my first wife talked me into to buying this thing. It was indestrucible, but uncomfortable, tiring and irritating. I was young when I owned it but I just didn't get a lot out of it. I liked t... Read More

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A Great 4x4 By Donovan

This is not a death trap! I drove this thing over and through everything. You have to do something stupid to flip it! It does leave you wanting a lot more in the power department, but it is so incredi... Read More

Perfect Offroader. By Carey

Performance is great with a few mods, not that great if it is stock. Build Quality it is one tough piece of machine. Appearance is very rugged. It is cheap to maintain, parts are cheap and fuel eco... Read More

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