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1992 Dodge RAM 250 Review
Mason says:
My dads 92 Cummins need I say more?lol
vs1986 Dodge RAM
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  • Handling
  • Looks/Style
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Power Ranked 1986 Dodge RAM worse.
"Cummins and 86 was expirametel year."
Handling Ranked 1986 Dodge RAM better.
"Little lighter more fun if u know what your doing"
Looks/Style Ranked 1986 Dodge RAM better.
Family Car Ranked 1986 Dodge RAM worse.
"More room"
Value Ranked 1986 Dodge RAM worse.
"Built better and Cummins power house."
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1992 Dodge RAM 250 LB RWDReview
Walter writes:

This Is A Great Work Tuuck. — i love my truck because it has a vary powerful diesel engine and a HD 5-speed manual trans. its not vary fast but it will pull anything i hook up to. the acceleration is has a vary strong pull (will pull you back in your seat) but not so fast. since the trans is HD it is stiff and not made for shifting fast which is why it dont accelerate fast. brakes are great, will stop you on a dime. handles vary well for a 3/4 ton truck. body is falling apart but chassie/drive train is still standing strong. the truck is UGLY. i get 20-25mpg depending on how i drive it. it had been abused before i got it so iv had to replace all the wheel bearings and U-joints but i cant complain, they had 300000+miles on them. i think its really fun to drive. its like driving a tank, i love it.

Primary Use: Utility (towing boats, transporting cargo, etc.)

Pros: if you need a truck for pulling a trailer or something of that sort this is the way to go.

Cons: body was made poorly.

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1992 Dodge RAM 250 LE Club Cab LB RWDReview
Gord writes:

92 D250 Cummins —

This truck is by far the best truck i have owned. The 92 D250 with a 5.9L Cummins diesle engine is a torque monster with a 5 speed transmision and a 4:11 rear end. When in bull low this truck is a real stump puller. The 5 speed is enough to get up to highway speeds and works best wile under load. The truck is no racing truck but with a simple wrench set you can make small adjustments to the fuel pump and get more proformence, but the 5 speed tops out at about 130kph and needs an aux over drive for more top end speed and lower rpm wile at highway speed. So far the only problem is a commin rattle in the front end with the brake calipors whitch can be resolvid with a shim kit. It is a solid truck being kept well maintaind by the previous owner with only small spots now starting to requier some attension. The price was well worth it for being more then 15 years old considering that fuel consumption is any ware from 25-35 mpg depending on city, country or highway driving. This is better than most new gasser trucks and is not far behind the newer moddle of deisle engine. All fuel milage aside considering the truck weighs 4000 pounds on the front axle alone whitch is the low end of what most 2 wheel drive pickups weigh in total, the truck in total weighs a wopping 7000 + pounds or 3.5 ton when full of fuel and the truck is only 2 wheel drive. With a truck this big and hevey one would wonder how fun cold this truck be only being rear wheel drive. Well it is to much fun. On wet days it is all to much fun to roll off a start and kick it into 3rd gear and have the truck go sideways with no or little effort giving you a chalange to drive but fun when no one is around. Over all this truck has most of what a good truck needs lots of power and torque, decent handling and lot of interior and cargo room. The only real down side is that it is not 4X4 and the total length makes for a hasle parking down town but i can sacrifice that for the room i have in and out side of the truck cab.

Pros: Power, Torque, 25-35mpg,lots of interior room, 8' box

Cons: Not 4X4

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1992 Dodge RAM 250 LE Club Cab LB 4WDReview
Colt writes:

They Don't Build Them Like This Anymore. — This truck is an amazing machine. Turned up but has awesome acceleration and is averaging 17-19mpg turned up. The build quality is great considering the shape it is in and being almost 20 years old. Has maroon love interior. Gas mileage, I have gotten anywhere from 18 to 22 mpg. It has the legendary 12 valve cummins motor that the truck will rust out from underneath it before this motor goes. The five speed getrag is a little rough, would like a six speed or a nv4500 put in it. Not very many of these trucks left, I have a lot of people stalking me and asking me if I would sell it. Very reliable and fun to drive.

Primary Use: Sport/fun (spirited driving, track racing, off-roading, etc.)

Pros: Fuel economy is great for the size of the truck. Lots of power, and very low maitenence.

Cons: Suspension is straight axle and you feel every bump. Oil changes aren't cheap either.

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Displaying all 1992 Dodge RAM 250 reviews reviews.

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