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1991 Mitsubishi MagnaReview
Nathan writes:

'91 Mitsubishi Tr Magna Wagon — terrible car. i would not buy one again. it was a 91 magna wagon auto. the transmission was stuffed, which means you had to floor it to get anywhere usefull. that meant fuel economy was terrible, getting 300km's from a tank of 70Ls. large size meant it handled like a boat. terrible car...would not buy another one if i was paid to

Primary Use: Commuting to work

Pros: lots of storage space

Cons: everything else

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Reviews From Other Years

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It's an other version of Magna- 'Diamante', my version is the '30M'. The 3.0L v6 Mivec is the same as the one on the '3000GT' (GTO), just without the Twin Turbo. The trim doesn't have a leather optio... Read More

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To start I am a major Mitsubishi fan anyway, so I'm not gonna go outta my way to make bad remarks. I prefer front-wheel drive for the cornering ability, however coupled with the mid-size six, wet weat... Read More

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This car has a very suprizing acceleratio speed, faster then most powerful cars today. It needs a few repairs but expected with older cars. it usual can last bout 2 weeks on 1 full tak of fuel and cos... Read More

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Well my first car was a 1994 magna se and to put it bluntly I will never ever ever ever own another magna ... or ever recommend one to anyone... It over heated constantly brought a new radiator... t... Read More

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its average car cheap on fuel comfortable has a bit of go if u really give it some like all of the 1st mitsubishi of the first fuel injection generation it has a cooling issue (sigmas,magna,colts) all... Read More

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Magna 1990 By Matthew

this car was a good car to drive, good acceeration, and fairly responsive, fuel econnomy was ok, also not expensive to keep filled. maintenance was easy, and was a good car to throw around on a grave... Read More

Have you driven a 1991 Mitsubishi Magna?