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1989 BMW 7 Series 735i RWDReview

Amazingly Robust —

Honestly, when my dad first brought this E32 Bimmer home back in 2006, I wasn't really a big fan of its looks. I actually was disappointed at first cos I thought my dad had gotten the E38 model, the one which was used in Tomorrow Never Dies. Back then, I was still using the Daimler, so I didn't really use the Bimmer much, till middle of 06' when I started to use the car more frequently. Perhaps my initial dislike was mainly due to its rather unorthodox styling, with its curvy boot lip and rounded rear. Then I left for the UK for 1.5 years, so I left the driving world behind me. When I got back, I found out that the Daimler had been written off due to an accident, so I was left with either the Bimmer, or the Merc. Back in January, the Bimmer had faced a dreadful starting problem. Initially my dad & I thought it was a battery problem, but after replacing it, the car still refused to start. Our mechanic then informed us that it was the starter problem, so it was sent back and forth to the mechanic for almost a month before finally fixing it. & boy has it been a superb performer ever since! Its been truly a solid drive, albeit for one incident back in March when my dad had to replace the rear suspension bush due to some squeaking and rubbery sounds emanating from both rear wheels. To sum it all up, I truly adore my E32 Bimmer & I wouldn't trade it for any other car, for now at least. Its my ultimate 2 tonne tank! PS: This pics are not my car's. Shall upload them when I get them

Pros: Sport mode is amazing when it comes to acceleration, brisk performance, new rims definitely changed the way the car looks, solid & robust build quality, horn well-placed on the steering wheel.

Cons: 3 litre engine could be sluggish at times, my car occasionally suffers from cold starts; jerking around the 4K - 6K RPM before shifting gears, styling may not be to everyone's taste, petrol guzzler...

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