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    1988 Oldsmobile ToronadoReview

    Great Car — Great commuter car! Loves to drive in the snow. Comfortable. 200K miles still running strong! Survived 3 Deer Strikes! Unique appearance, stands out in the crowd (I hate driving some unrecognizable box that looks like everything from Japan). Hopefully i can get another 100K out of her.

    Primary Use: Commuting to work

    Pros: Unique, safe, decent MPG

    Cons: Getting hard to find body parts in recycling yards (Reuslt of Deer Strikes)

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    1988 Oldsmobile ToronadoReview

    1988 Olds Tornado — this was actually my brothers car but i drove it for about a year and a half. it got about 22 mpg, with the 3800 v-6, this car ran really well, handled awsome, had tons of gadgets. most of which didnt work but the car had 283,000 miles on it. motor and trans is still originall never even rebuilt. i had a great time with this car, it is my second favorite car that ive owned. if i come across another one and have the money to buy i definitly will. for repairs, i only replaced an altnater.

    Pros: great car all around

    Cons: other than the plastic on the body none

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    1988 Oldsmobile ToronadoReview

    Oldsmobile's Version Of The Cadillac Eldorado... — I've had this car since March of '99. Hit a couple deer. Gave it a paint job. Gone quite a while without driving it a few times. Always starts right up.

    Pros: unique.  

    Cons: old.

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    1988 Oldsmobile Toronado Review
    Love this car drove like a caddie but handled like a camaro lots of power and plenty of control and has a nice tight steering and suspension system comfortable reliable and looks great interior was comfortable and
    vs1988 Cadillac Eldorado Base Coupe
    1988 Oldsmobile Toronado winning categories:
    • Power
    • Handling
    • Looks/Style
    • Front Seats
    • Back Seats
    • Cargo Capacity
    • Family Car
    • Value
    • Would Buy
    Front Seats Ranked 1988 Cadillac Eldorado Base Coupe worse.
    "The leather was nice and the air in the seats makes for a custom feeling "
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    Displaying all 4 1988 Oldsmobile Toronado reviews.

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