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1988 Oldsmobile Custom CruiserReview
Jerrett writes:
Back Seats:
Cargo Capacity:
Family Car:
Fuel Economy:
Front Seats:
Maintenance Cost:

Very Solid Car Will Take You Any Where Roomy — great car will take you any where if you can afford the 12 mpg lot of room for cargo and family three rows of seats smooth ride bareley hear the 307 engine dont expect to get anywhere fast or try to pass someone in this car its called the custom cruiser for a reason

Primary Use: Utility (towing boats, transporting cargo, etc.)

Pros: very reliable lots of space nice desine   the power ant still works

Cons: bad gas mpg no temp gauge slow at taking off

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1988 Oldsmobile Custom CruiserReview
Jason writes:

Pos —

This is American car manufacturing at its worst. I drove the V8 version, and it sucked up gas like no other, had no power and no torque either. It was a deathtrap and was ugly to boot. The only redeeming part about this car is that it was virtually indestructible and you could fit a ton of crap into it. It had third row seating, and the second and third row would fold down for maximum hauling ability. The heavy duty construction of the exterior made it virtually indestructible from minor to moderate impacts. Although due to its total weight, I theorize that in a high speed collision, the car would most likely crumple on itself thereby crushing and eviscerating the occupants. This was a common design theme for American built cars for a good generation or so. The bad part about this car is that it was a horrible car. First and foremost, a car should drive well and be responsive. This car was neither. The steering wheel had about a 45 degree dead band, and the weight distribution and RWD drive configuration made it a death trap on wet roads. My entire family almost bought the farm one day on a slick road because it lost traction at 55mph and the back end of the car swung around. With most of the weight in the front of the car with the V8 engine, and the power going to the wheels in the back, it was a constant struggle even with its extremely low power output. Also, once above 60 mph, there was so much vibration in the drive train that it felt unsafe to take it any higher. The brakes were also severely underpowered considering the weight of the car. The exterior of the car fared pretty well outside of the paint. The interior was extremely basic and held up fairly well as well. When we sold this car at an age of 12 years and with 150k miles on it, it was only worth scrap value.

Pros: Endless & versatile storage, lots of scrap value, teaching tool for car designers as what not to do

Cons: Ugly, won't go more than 65mph, horrible handing, no value retention, horrible mileage

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1988 Oldsmobile Custom CruiserReview
Mavensuz writes:

Want A Car To Depend On Daily??? —

I bought this car last year and cannot believe the durability of such an elderly machine. Sure it has tics and faults (one being no radio) but it starts with a roar every cold and snowy morning and has no electrical problems to speak of. Why do I write such a glowing report on such an old relic??? Because I'm seriously considering selling it and this may be the only forum that can truly appreciate all this car means to me. It reminds me of the '58 Dodge wagon my Dad gave me to learn to drive in. It reminds me of folding down all the seats (nine passenger) and just taking a nap on a summers day. It reminds me I could take all my friends along!!! And it tells me that things that are top-of-the-line, when new, retain their value (I keep re-doing my auto loan at the bank on it for things such as titanium dental implants). They never fail to hand me another thousand to finance because the car is so solid as a good loan risk. Anyway...I wish it were new. I would keep it. But gas being the price that it is I must upgrade, and soon. Never have problems driving in snow, rain, etc. But do need some higher wheel base for 4X4 driving. Carries all of us...three dogs including a terror-terrier, a bonehead Golden Retriever, and a heeler, three kids and two adults comfortably with their "stuff". Ahh-h-h hate to see it go. Wish it was a hybrid. Cause that is where the world is going, right? Thanks for the friendly ear, guys and gals...I'm sure going to miss this beautiful, well kept, well loved auto. Respectfully submitted, SWGould, Clearfield, UT

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Displaying all 1988 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser reviews reviews.

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