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1988 Mazda 929Review
Mathew writes:

Excellent Car For Student —

Performance wise it is comparable to most entry level 4 doors of today. There is enough power from the 3.0L V6 to get it moving fairly quickly for an old heavy car. The handling is not something to be desired, although you do have to consider that it was meant to be more of a luxury cruiser than sports sedan. Winter driving is excellent in this car. The weight and rear wheel drive make it very fun and surprisingly agile in the snow. I have not had any problems with the engine which has 230,000 km. It still pulls strong and does not burn oil. the build quality of this vehicle is superb. There is very little to no rust and very few rattles after 20 years. The exterior is quite bland for todays standards, and the interior about the same. Gas mileage is quite good for an older car. Comparable to a midsized SUV. I am not sure how expensive parts are as I have not needed to fix anything but I have heard that if you can get them they are not too cheap or too expensive. Overall this is a great car for a student or someone looking for something cheap and reliable.

Pros: excellent build quality

Cons: looks

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1988 Mazda 929Review
Cameron writes:

Overall A Good Car —

The 3 litre SOHC V6 was nice and torquey down low, and loved to rev. In a straight line, when wound up, a very rapid car. Big, luxurious, quiet – a long-distance cruiser. Electric windows, mirrors, cruise, electric sunroof – all the bells and whistles for $3500 (in 2001). It went on to do well over 250 000kms with barely any issues. A bargain today, 929s with barely 200 000kms can be had for $2-3000 and provide a reasonably quick, well equipped 4 door saloon. The built quality is good, and the mechanicals last well. The early SOHC engine is more reliable than the later DOHC engine, and gearboxes will last about 300 000kms when looked after (interchangeable with Nissan Skyline). Brakes wear quite rapidly (they’re big heavy cars) and suspension is soft for comfort. My worst experiences with the car involved overheating, and the handling (more on that in a minute). The engines develop an air-lock deep down in the block which causes the engine to overheat and spit out all its water within minutes. The unfamiliar will replace most of the cooling system (pump, thermostat, etc.) as I did at some expense. I was told by a friendly Mazda repairman that to release the air-lock, the cars have to be jacked up to nearly 45 degrees at the front, and with radiator cap off, back-filled through the heater. It can take up to 12 hours for all the air to escape! Once done, however, I never had any further issues. Ah yes, the handling. Let’s just say, these cars spin quicker than a bottle at a 16 year old’s private party. It can happen under kick-down, or even just reasonable acceleration around a corner. It can also happen under sudden braking. Fantastic! I initially thought I’d bought the car with rubbish tyres, so I replaced the rears with some nice expensive Yokohamas. The effect? Nothing whatever. The weight distribution must be atrocious in these cars. I narrowly averted disaster at a wet roundabout where I spun 180 degrees to face the ol’ fella in a Camira behind me who looked as though he just soiled himself. All in all, a good car. Luxurious, comfortable, cheap to buy and reasonable on fuel. Just don’t expect it to handle well! (PS – one of the few cars to survive my ownership – and be sold on with a profit!)

Pros: Luxury, comfort, cheap, reliable.

Cons: Terrible handling, some complex repairs

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Displaying all 1988 Mazda 929 reviews reviews.

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