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1988 Chrysler Fifth AvenueReview
kmacksoud writes:
Back Seats:
Cargo Capacity:
Family Car:
Fuel Economy:
Front Seats:
Maintenance Cost:

Desiree — Bought this car as a rust-bucket beater, and fixed her up while I lived in Lake Tahoe. The brakes were completely shot when I got her but I replaced the back ones and it held up through all the crazy inclines, declines, and hairpin turns

Primary Use: Commuting to work

Pros: felt like you were in an old fleet car, but more Starsky and hutch

Cons: it was falling apart

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Great Car Overall! By Keenan

Luxo cruisers are the best! although this particular one doesnt age very well as the interior parts are beginning to fall off and the door panels rattle. still, one of my favorite cars ive ever owned ... Read More

Dude... If You Don't Like This Car... You Need Your Head Checked By bkherps

this thing as tough as nails!! needs a few minor repairs (rear wheel bearing, trans. mount, rear shocks) but so far nothing major. been driving it into the ground. made the trip from VA to FL no probl... Read More

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Sleeper By migration_SRT92

I hate the 3speed it came with, tourque converter locks up at 40mph, so n this case it drinks gas im talkin 10-12 mpg, really has a rough ride, needs all new springs, horrible gas milage especially si... Read More

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The acceleration of this car is nothing spectacular, but it did feel powerful and wouldn't ever bog down due to the large V8 under the hood. This car is big so handling isn't great, but has a smooth r... Read More

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I Wouldn't Trade Her For Anything In The World By migration_Beast86

I love this car. We first met eyes, when my neighbors lived up the road. I was only sixteen at the time, so there was little I can do. But after too getting to know them, they allowed me to keep the v... Read More

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Very nice looking luxary big car, with the big car ride. engine is very reliable you will never kill the 318 v8. most comfortable car i have ever been in, very reliable car for family or work. good on... Read More

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Great Car For Everybody By nazar

I like the ride of this car. You can drive all day long and you won't get tired, unlike most other cars that make me tires after a couple of hours. I take it for long distance trips everywhere I go. Read More

Great Looks And Comfortable Ride By Paul

Love my fifth, great cruiser. This summer the old 318 is coming out and a 5.7 hemi is going in. I want to drive the car long distance. I cant get rid of the car it is in such good shape. Last year dua... Read More

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