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1987 Dodge RAM 150 LB RWDReview
thumper1987 writes:
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Vey Reliable, Very Very Low Mechanical Problems — My dodge is the true American truck. It has a slant six (225) with a 3 speed manual transmission. This truck has massive torque to be a small 6 cylinder. She has never left me stranded. She has the classic dodge truck look. It has 287k miles and the engine still runs strong. the starter seems to have the brushes go out but I have a life time warranty so it doesn't cost money to replace. She is a bit sluggish but she isn't meant for speed. The paint isn't bad and the interior is almost perfect. I have owned this truck 3 years and it has never seen a garage except for tires. I will be passing this truck to my daughter in 10 yrs which I am confident I will still run strong. The huge plus is parts is super cheap at advance and the engine fully rebuilt will only cost $250.

Primary Use: Utility (towing boats, transporting cargo, etc.)

Pros: Slant six pulled anything, never left me stranded and always gave the wow factor due to very heavy loads it pulled with ease

Cons: The starter and cold starts

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