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1986 Jeep CJ-7Review
Kyle writes:

Great — 350 horses in a 2800 pound mudder, you do the math. It is sitting on thirty five inch tires. eight and a half inches of lift. leafs springs all around. full length headers bolted to glasspack mufflers. brand new zoom clutch

Primary Use: Sport/fun (spirited driving, track racing, off-roading, etc.)

Pros: tons of power

Cons: loud, terrible handleing, and tough for some people to get into

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1986 Jeep CJ-7Review
Ryan writes:

Jeep — IT could have been the funnest car If I only had more time with it. I hope to get another one. jeep had made my life fun and adventerous and I want that back. Its A Jepp thing you wouldn't understand

Pros: fun car

Cons: old frame and parts

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Displaying all 1986 Jeep CJ-7 reviews reviews.

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1985 Jeep CJ-7 Reviews

Review By OttoKim

Just what I was looking for. Thanks for the pic Read More

easy to build/ modify. factory engine performace is ok to decent for the time, electronic carb leaves much to be desired relatively cheap to mantain but can easily get pricey once modifications have b... Read More

1984 Jeep CJ-7 Reviews

Review By Velcro

You cant beat a Jeep, any Jeep for off road or beach cruising. I live in Florida, its almost the official state vehicle for fun. Read More

Sweet By jLaman

I have had this jeep since it was new and I have never had it off the road except driving around a pasture on ranch. I have pulled a 17' bass boat with it a few times. It has been a great ride. Th... Read More

1983 Jeep CJ-7 Reviews

Real Offroader By George

most fun there is,good community builder,your a fan or not but it gives you great freedom.spare parts a pretty common and pretty low prices to buy,fun is great and a super cruiser in the summer with... Read More

It's A Jeep Thing! By Aaron

I like everything about it. Just need to finish it with a new paint job. As they say dont follow me you will get stuck. Good gas mileage, fun to drive. And the best thing is you can drive around tople... Read More

1982 Jeep CJ-7 Reviews

Reliable Adventure Seeker By Dennis

If you are looking for a commuter car, this isn't it. I get 15MPG city & HWY. On road manners are borderline treacherous. Don't buy this car for your 16 year old daughter to drive to school. Old J... Read More

My Main Ride... By Aldea

It's fun, it's paid for, people think I'm either very cool or completely crazy to drive it, and since the gas gauge is broken, life is full of surprises! I wouldn't trade it for anything.. well, I'... Read More

1981 Jeep CJ-7 Reviews

Expensive Loud Dirty And Really Great Entertainment But A Big Money Pit! By Steven

LOTS OF fun to play in! dependable steers great stops like crap throws alot of mud and excellent traction. NO STUPID RADIO!! SUCKS A BUNCH OF GAS. ONLY ONE SEAT IN THE THING LIMITED ROAD USE NO REAR... Read More

Fun To Own This Kind A Car Buy, Built, Drive By Erry

Very good in acceleration because the engine high torque, good build quality at that time they make a jeep, interior is quite simple and good function. fun to drive and i'm looking good when driven je... Read More

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