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1985 Audi CoupeReview
Pieter Jozua writes:

Stunning! — I love the look of the car, the lines appear to be modern. . . I also love the fact that the Audi coupe turns heads, because it isn't a common car in South-Africa. Extremely fun to own and drive. I just wish it was a quattro!

Primary Use: Commuting to work

Pros: Exclusive

Cons: Old age...

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1985 Audi CoupeReview
Auris writes:

Could Be Quattro — I like everything,but economy. Beautiful sound,good engine,nice and comfortable interior. Enaught space for 4 people inside,parts are verry cheap to be replaced with new. But police doesnt like it. If you thinking to buy it,buy it! :D

Primary Use: Sport/fun (spirited driving, track racing, off-roading, etc.)

Pros: Joy of driving,sound and everyting

Cons: none

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1985 Audi CoupeReview
John writes:

Stuck To The Road Like Glue - Wide Wheel Base All Wheel Drive — Amazing car, talked to you, via a digital dash - light years ahead of its time. Mine was a german girl speaking english. I didn't seem to listen to the actual fault just her voice. Best on long trips, you became on with the car, it became a natural extention, in the same way motorbikes do. Thos was the only car that had the same feel as a performance road bike, and the 5 cylinder engine had just about the same torque from a power to weight ratio. A thrilling ride.

Pros: Extremely quick, full power band, very smooth through the gears. Digital Dash, Accentless German female voice (also a con at times). You became one with the car. Al body - rust free, cf Audi GT which rusted.

Cons: Very, very expensive to maintain - esp. if you were using genuine parts from Audi in Germany. Something broke after every long trip, very frustrating. Almost impossible to find that same quality car again.

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1985 Audi CoupeReview
Abir writes:
Battery Life:
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Front Seats:
Interior Space:
Long Trips:
Maintenance Cost:
Ride Comfort:

B00 Sho — its actully an Audi UR Quattro S1 10v turbo in unmarked show room condition. only done 80k miles on the odo meter. owned it for a long time now its a car which iv kept as a collector, as i hav a soft spot for these n i jus love it! technicaly its advanced beyond its years for its age has digital dash n a talkin computer with diff lock control,switches n heated seats and all the refinments u can think of in modern cars appart from sat nav :)

Primary Use: Sport/fun (spirited driving, track racing, off-roading, etc.)

Pros: i get saluted by all audi's that cross my path esspecialy the S or RS owners! with a flash of ther beams they nod! letin the pressence be known lol.

Cons: none it is wat it is! a true classic!

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Displaying all 1985 Audi Coupe reviews reviews.

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