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1985 AMC EagleReview
Steven writes:

If You Need A Beater With A Heater There Is None Better — the 4 wheel drive got it anywhere no matter the weather. power wasnt bad and the heater worked decently. the engine ALWAYS started, even in -30 and no block heater. it wasnt a sports car by any stretch of the imagination and the suspension reminds you on every turn, but there is something cool about pulling Jeeps out of snowbanks with a compact station wagon

Primary Use: Commuting to work

Pros: with studded tires it would go down ANY road

Cons: handleing was horrible

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1985 AMC EagleReview
Michael writes:

My Mudding Machine — 4- wheel drive in a small car. For those who know little of these cars. It's a car body on a jeep wrangler frame. 4 wheel drive made this car's appeal. they were only in production for a few years before they ended production.

Primary Use: Sport/fun (spirited driving, track racing, off-roading, etc.)

Pros: 4 wheel drive,good gas milage

Cons: small V6 and topped out at about 90mph.

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Displaying all 1985 AMC Eagle reviews reviews.

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1987 AMC Eagle Reviews

Very Great Car, More Versitale Than Today's Crossovers. By Tom

The AMC Eagle is very versatile and suits my needs well. With four wheel drive that can be switched on and off and can be run even on dry pavement, the Eagle is one of the best cars ever made for d... Read More

1986 AMC Eagle Reviews

Amc Eagle By Jordan

i love the engon but i wish the makers put some more jazz into the body and front grill. it is a old car but still has loads of life left in her. it was keep on the farm for a junk car but i fixed it... Read More

A Unique Classic By Pallance

I love this car, its unique shape and style, coming from a jeep background with a rugged inline6. The biggest problem of course, is time and money to repair/rebuild it ... it IS over twenty years old!... Read More

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It Was Definitely Worth The $400 I Paid By Ozzie

Performance- The inline six is a great engine, but its still not a racecar, It does light four wheeling alright, but without 4 low or solid axles its not quite as capable as I would like. The 4wd op... Read More

It's Okay, As Long As You Repair Or Replace The Problematic Bbd. By Nate

For it's time, the AMC Eagle was ahead of its time. The 4WD drive train will get you home in any weather. It's design was of the 80's era, with comfortable seats. However the optional vinyl top cau... Read More

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It's The Speagle! By John

The 1983 AMC Eagle SX/4 comes with a pontiac Iron Horse 2.5l L-4, 4 wheel drive and a 4 speed manual transmission. Oh, and the Millennium Falcon effect. One look at it and you gain an instant 10 point... Read More

The Meanest 4x4 Car Ever Devised. By Ben

Way too much fun. Handling is amazing considering the 3600lbs. Drive train stands up to anything. Viscous coupled transfer case provides clean limited slip differential for excellent grab on any te... Read More

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A Great Car Project To Put In Modern Engine And Drivetrain. By Victor

I called it "THE BEAST" It was big, bad, and ugly. 4000lbs. doesn't stop quickly compared to modern cars, especially in the snow. I haven't gotten stuck except for once when off roading in 2WD beca... Read More

'82 Amc Eagle Sport "official Rodeo Car" By deathwarror

The acceleration for my eagle is a 0-60 in about 14-15 secs and thats quite good for 4800lbs. After first repairs its really cheap. The Handling is excellent for its weight. Sure the car doesn't... Read More

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