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My First - The 600 —

There is something to be said about your first. Nobody can ever forget their first whether you loved it or not. The Dodge 600 was my first car. It was my first American car. It was my first convertible. My first red car. My first chick swooner. My first sports car? The first car I bought with my own money. The first car that made me broke. This car was truly unique looking back. It had a super ugly front and I want to describe this car as a sports car wannabe. A car that looks like your great grandparents drove yet sliced with a little immaturity. Adolescence! The convertible version made you wonder, "who cut the roof off and put a rag over it?" The roof leaked but nothing a little duct tape wouldn't fix on the inside. Forget about automatic roof, you had to get out and put it up and down by hand. Not only that, it didn't fit properly you had to run over to the other side on rainy days just to clamp down the passenger side properly in the middle of traffic. I bet I pissed off alot of people behind me. My vehicle had a messed up headlight housing that cracked on the driver side that I never managed to get fixed for two reasons: 1) i had no money 2) you couldn't find this car in the junkyard due to its unpopularity. This car broke down on me quite a few times. I even had the engine completely replaced where I learned an important lesson about auto care and keeping up with maintenance. One thing I do remember about the Dodge 600 was that it was surprisingly good. It was an ugly duckling on the road but had a really good factory sound system and speakers. I always drove this top down and music blasting. It was a fun ride. I was a young guy. As a young guy, I was obsessed with finding ways to cover up its ugly looks. Other guys were driving Supras and expensive imports and they had leather bras. I wanted a bra bad for the Dodge 600. Unfortunately, they didn't make it for this car. One day, I was shopping around Pepboys automotive in Annandale, VA and they sold something that looked like a bra but called it a bug screen. It was a moment like in the movie, Big with Tom Hanks where I thought fate had bestowed it on me. Without hesitation, I bought it and slapped that ugly thing over my ugly front end and thought i was the coolest thing on the road. In truth, I was probably a train wreck to be avoided. I didn't care. It was the best of times--just me and my baby.

Primary Use: Sport/fun (spirited driving, track racing, off-roading, etc.)

Pros: my first car
oldie but a goodie
surprisingly great commuter

Cons: left me stranded many times

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