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1983 Chrysler CordobaReview
Joshua writes:

My 1981 & 1983 Chrysler Cordoba's —

This is one of the Nicest cars that Chrysler ever made. The performance is spectacular. the acceleration is awesome especially on the highway. The braking is exceptional and has a few quirks but I managed to fix those up. The handling is great but not so good in the winter but I'm used to that because I've had only rear wheel drive cars. The build quality is fairly well and I got it rust proofed after I took out all the rust spots. I'll be honest with you guys, it has needed a few repairs on the carbuerator, starter motor, the steering column & Dashboard, and some other stuff but I'll mention that later. I put alot of effort into this car and the work paid off because the car purrs like a kitten until you mess with it. there were a few rattles & squeaks. the squeaks were the brakes and the suspension. the rattles were the Passenger side mirror and Door and the windows ( when they were rolled down ). the styling is beautiful for a 1983. The exterior is the LS Design with the cross haired grille, Landau roof, whitewall tires and wire rims. surprisingly there are no cosmetic flaws on my car but if somebody damaged my car, I say "it's just a car and the people that are in it are more important". The interior is really roomy and it feels like I'm sitting on a velvet sofa disguised as a 1983 Chrysler Cordoba LS. There are no rips or tears on the seats, No cracks on the Dashboard, I got a steering wheel off of a 1987 chrysler fifth avenue along with the dashboard put in my Cordoba. The horns work perfectly and they're Dual note horns and THEY ACTUALLY GET PEOPLES ATTENTION!! When I first got my cordoba, I got it with Eight Thousand Km on it so it was practically new. the previous owner didn't drive it as much as he thought they would because they mostly walked to the places he needed to go to or they would take the city bus. The reason why he didn't drive it so often is because he didn't have enough money to pay for Gasoline and Insurance. he was able to manage the payments but he lost his job and was losing money and the only way to get a big boost was to sell his beloved Cordoba LS to someone else. that's when I come in and Buy his Chrysler Cordoba and I wanted to pay him more that what it's worth because I felt terrible for him so I snuck in an extra $1000 bucks because he was selling the car for $9500 and I gave him $10,500 for the car and I managed to get insurance and the car is actually paid off. I am not sure of the gas mileage but I know it's a Gas Guzzla. It's had a lot of maintenance done to look Mint Condition. I practically almost had to replace everything except for the Driver.( Ha ha ) This Car is so much fun to drive around town and show those punks in a tuned import what a real car is made of. I would recommend this car to a friend because it will do its job right and it makes a good make out mobile. my 1981 Chrysler is Just like the 1983 except the 81 doesn't have a landau roof but they are both the same colour.

Pros: they are great cars and I wish they continued to make them through to 1989

Cons: that's all i can say to explain how good these cars are. that's my negative, I have no more positives

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1983 Chrysler Cordoba Coupe Review
GuruWNJ8Y says:
Wonderful driveability and then some; especially for a new family . Roomy and comfortable, nice enough to take to a upscale restaurant.
vs2013 Dodge Avenger V6 SE FWD
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