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1982 Volvo 240Review
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I Am A Die Hard 240 Volvo Lover! — I've had four 240s in my driving career and am about to purchase my 5th, despite my parents' moaning and groaning. I love the look, the way they handle and I feel safe - it's built to withstand hitting a MOOSE for crissakes! I also love how you can have the heat and defrosters going on in every part of the car all at once; newer cars don't have that - you have to choose and that has never made sense to me. I live in the upper Midwest and gets quite cold, so that feature is really important to me! My dream someday is to be in the Million Mile Club. I wish I could find a brand, spanking new 240s series Volvo that has never been driven so that I could be the sole owner from the beginning. Oh well. Like everything else, born in the wrong era!

Primary Use: Commuting to work

Pros: Amazing in the winter (especially w/ snow tires!), easy to work on, excellent heater, good manual transmission driving control.

Cons: have to know where to find good parts when they need to be replaced...can be expensive. But it's still less expensive than newer, computerized cars!

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1982 Volvo 240Review
Joern writes:

Ovlov — 3 speed auto = 8 klms per 1ltr or 100klm to 12.5 ltrs Fun to drive in the wet as the old tyres have no traction. in a couple of yrs this old girl will be 30 & she's starting to get some nostalgic looks from oldies & unusual street cred. from the younger croud. It really wants a 5speed box & a turbo

Primary Use: Family transportation

Pros: smooth ride

Cons: sucks the juice

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1982 Volvo 240Review
volvoowner writes:

Best Car Ever Made — Inexpensive; rides well, keeps up with the best on the road; have 243,000 miles on it and about it in 1982 with 5K miles. Electrical system replaced at 185K; and AC went out at about 200K miles. Still rides well, no rattles, no issues. Will need to replace the driver's seat, however, as after 25 yrs of driving it - I've worn it out.

Owner for 25 years, 0 months

Miles Driven per Year:10,000

Pros: The best in all ways - secure

Cons: No updated safety features like airbags

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1982 Volvo 240Review
Michael writes:

This Is My First Car. — The radio and overdrive don't work often, but an otherwise solid car. I had it my senior year in high school, as far as i can remember. Some time before i turned 21, its service life came to an end. To this day, I still don't remember how that happened. I know I didn't wreck it. It was a 3rd or 4th hand car by the time it came into my possession. At 13 years of age, it can probably qualify as a beater except it was never much cause for any mechanical troubles to qualify for that status.

Pros: It's a freakin' tank.

Cons: RWD w/out traction control in New England winter

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Displaying all 1982 Volvo 240 reviews reviews.

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