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1979 Porsche 924Review
namze writes:
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Nice Classic —

Bought the car for $1200 in almost perfect condition and enjoyed it for the most part. Even though it is a Porsche it is not a fast car at all. This car is more of a cruising style. Somewhat sporty looking with great handeling but no power. Pop the top off in the summer and cruise with the windows down. I replaced the stained carpet which was the only thing wrong in the interior. I ended up hitting a big patch of gravel through a tight turn spining the car 180 degrees into a gaurd rail putting a big crease down the whole length of the left side of the car. But I repaired it, stripped it down and gave it an entirely new paint job! The down fall to this car like I said before, it has no power. It also is a little spendy to maintain and a common problem they have is electrical issues which mine had. There was a huge power drain happening that I could not find and if I let the car sit longer then 2 full days the battery would be dead. Other then that I enjoyed it while I had it, and I do somewhat miss it.

Primary Use: Sport/fun (spirited driving, track racing, off-roading, etc.)

Pros: Fun car to drive, Looks good, Decent gas mileage, Comfortable

Cons: pricey to maintain, electrical issues, lacks horsepower

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