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1976 FIAT 124 Spider Review
Jerry says:
Breaks alot but fun to drive.
vs1988 Dodge Daytona
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Family Car Ranked 1988 Dodge Daytona better.
"Its bigger, with actual rear seats."
Would Buy Ranked 1988 Dodge Daytona worse.
"It looks better and holds more value"
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1976 FIAT 124 SpiderReview
Mike writes:

Beautiful Head-turning Italian Design, Fun To Drive —

While my '67 Mini Minor provided the most visceral thrill on 4 wheels, the Fiat is probably my all-'round favorite car. From it's gorgeous design (why hasn't Fiat revived this one and done a modern interpretation of it? It's one of the best-looking soft-top designs in car history, IMHO...better looking than the 70's MGs even), to its supple leather seats, classic gauges, great sounding engine and truly un-obstructed top-down experience, it is a great little car. My wife and I were walking through downtown Vancouver in 1998 when we came across it sitting a bit sadly in the rain with a for sale sign of $2000. We were astounded that such a cute car could be had so cheaply! We haggled the student who owned it down to $1800 and had the little guy for 3 years. In all fairness, there were an abundance of problems with it, not least a bad roof, leaky engine and rusty fenders, and eventually the chassis separated from the body which rendered it not road legal. However, for what we paid, it was a great car and it served us well. Highlights included going skiing with the top down in sub-zero sunny weather with the skis sticking out; packing out every square inch of the micro back seats and shallow trunk with gear to go camping; all the people that came up to chat because they loved the car too; cruising in virtually any weather with the top down as it was so beautiful to do so!

Pros: classic sexy Italian design, quick, fun, soft top, 1.8L engine

Cons: rusty, not very practical, vinyl roof wears easily

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Displaying all 1976 FIAT 124 Spider reviews reviews.

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