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1974 Plymouth BarracudaReview
Dallas writes:

Everyone Needs To Ride Or Drive One Of These Classics. — There is nothing like cruising in a classic muscle car. The power and response of the V8 is awesome. The cost to purchase or restore one of these is not cheap. Of course, your return on the investment is great. There will always be a demand for the classic muscle cars of this era. See ya on the drive.

Primary Use: Sport/fun (spirited driving, track racing, off-roading, etc.)

Pros: Classic Muscle Car

Cons: Gas mileage is not even something we think about.

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1974 Plymouth BarracudaReview
James writes:

Fast, Rumbles, Vibrates — last of the true muscle cars, built for one thing accelerating hard and looking good

Pros: horsepower, handling, sleek design

Cons: gas guzzling

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1974 Plymouth Barracuda Review
Clazer1 says:
I have a 74 all original 318 Car 3 speed auto. Bigger cam, intake and carb and I love it! It’s my daily driver, unless it rains *
vs1967 Pontiac Firebird
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Displaying all 1974 Plymouth Barracuda reviews reviews.

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I had the fastback, with a 318; it was my first car. I drove it for 80,000 miles, then sold it to a friend who put another 80,000 on it. Not bad for a '60s American car. This thing took off like a ... Read More

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