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1970 Rover 3500Review
John5353 writes:

1970 Rover 3500s P6b — I love this car. It is built on the P6 series and has the 215cid/3.5liter V8 motor. My car is burgundy and has been modified to give it a more hotrod appearance. Driving this car is an experience onto itself. The seats are absolutly wonderful and the gauges are very easy to read. As for safety, it exceeds in this field as well. there are crumple zones in the front and back. There are steel bars in all 4 doors. It has crush pads for the knees and legs and has shoulder belts. If you are ever in Lillington, NC, call me up and I will take you for a ride in the car.

Pros: Great driving car, very safe to ride in and very RARE!!!!!

Cons: Can rust out, and the electrical system is a nightmare.

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