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1968 FIAT 500Review
Monica writes:

My First Car — the best "utilitaria" ever made. If you lived in a city like Rome, you know. Wish they would still make it "as it was".

Pros: sunroof! Great "voice". Perfect "city-mini-car". You won't get any speeding tickets!

Cons: DON'T get one if you have a big dog... he will stand in the front seat with his big head
outside the sunroof trying to catch the breeze.

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Review By GuruRYR18

Looks terrific.. wish it was a 5speed manual transmission.. A wonderful car Read More

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Review By Hani

One of the best car I have ever owned at that price ! Read More

Review By Guru2847F

This 5 speed is fun to drive. Perfect size for a timid driver like me. I feel like I know the cars dimensions and can get in and out of small spaces easily. Cant really compare it to any other car Ive... Read More

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Easy to drive, lots of extras, easy to park, good value, great wipers and side mirrors. Read More

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I have had one previously and looking into getting another. This car is for someone who likes a fun reasonably priced car. This is NOT sports car and there is not a ton of power but gets you where yo... Read More

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The car is a sport model. Its very fun to drive. I was expecting a bumpy ride. If you keep the tire pressure at 35psi then your good and ride is better. I bought my car used. I dont drive much and so ... Read More

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Although small it was comfortable, an adult could sit in the back but not for long journeys. The dash was easy to read and the trunk did have some room in it for bags etc. Read More

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yes I like the Fiat 500 Pop I wish was more of them online so I can find another one because I would like to have a little brown one or blue another blue one the only thing that the car is missing is ... Read More

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