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Hyundai Kona Questions

How Do I Lock The Trunk On A 2018 Hyundai Kona?

It seems the doors lock when I use the smart key, but the moment I press the trunk button it unlocks...? Does it stay locked if I walk away and lock the vehicle with the smart key?

Do You Supply Carfax Reports?

Keypad Trunk

Why doesn't my keypad for my 2020 Hyundai Kona SE open my trunk automatically?

New Car Maintenance

So I bought a new car in October of last year, but thanks to covid I basically haven't driven it, i'm sitting around 400 on the odometer. Are their any maintenance things I should be taking care of ...

Smell In Car, But Not Fuel

yesterday a tire was repaired on my car and then after driving it for a short time i noticed that there was a strong smell of gas, but not gasoline, like the gas from a gas stove. not sure what coul...