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2021 Land Rover Range Rover SportReview
Matthieu writes:

The Range Rover Sport is truly one of a kind, it is a perfectly sized vehicle with great driving dynamics. Although the Sport is a great vehicle, I recommend the full sized Range Rover instead of the Sport, it is pricier, but it is worth every penny with its way more luxurious ride and features. I have test driven every Sport model aside from the diesels and hybrids and kept going back to test drive the 2021 HST V6, 2021 HSE Dynamic V8 and the Autobiography V8. These trims are the best driving trims out of all of the various trims with more than enough power. What I found odd was that if you wanted massaged seats, you would have to get an Autobiography, which starts $11,000 more than the HSE Dynamic for only massaged seats and different moving seats with the same engine.. Whereas Mercedes and BMW offer massaged seats in their base model GLE’s and X5’s.. Although these trims are great, they could have used some better integration when it comes to software and features. The 360 camera and even normal backup camera did not take up the full screen which is only 10 inches big. Ambient lighting is basically only in the footwell which looks a little aftermarket. The adaptive cruise control is subpar. Other brands have way better lane centering and will automatically switch lanes whereas Land Rover does not have that. I believe the new 2024 Sport will fix these issues, however it is yet to be released but the new 2023 full sized was released not too long ago and I will be purchasing it when it is in dealerships. I ended up ordering a 2021 Mercedes GLE AMG instead of the Sport, which I am very much happy with. Back in late 2015 I test drove the 2016 Supercharged and Autobiography trims of the Sport. I was not exactly too impressed with it and ended up getting a 2016 Mercedes GLE AMG Coupe which I am glad I got. However in 2017, I wanted another car but bigger for increased practicality and got a 2017 full sized Range Rover Supercharged. Way better than the Sport. The build quality is better, drives better and more features than the Sport. If reliability is a big factor for you, I would look at other brands like BMW’s inline 6 called the 40i, or Mercedes’ V6 called the 450’s. Both of those engines are very nice and have a good reputation of being reliable. Toyota even uses BMW’s inline 6 in their new Supra. Land Rover’s V6 HSE’s are the most reliable engines, the new Inline 6 that Jaguar Land Rover has in their P400’s have not shown any problems yet although it is fairly new . I had to have a new engine replacement at 20,000 miles in my Range Rover Supercharged but it is worth it. At the end of the day, if you can afford the maintenance, I highly recommend a Range Rover. If youre like me and put little mileage on your cars, you should definitely look at Jaguar Land Rover. But overall, if you use premium fuel and treat your cars well and have them maintained on time, then your JLR product should last and have little to no problems. Land Rover earned this reputation for being unreliable due to Ford owning them at one point and their engines wouldn’t last over 500 miles without something breaking. Ever since Land Rover’s new ownership, they have been improving! But at the end of the day I believe it is worth the trouble ever so often. Such a smooth and luxurious ride.

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Range Rover Sport

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2021 Land Rover Range Rover SportReview
Daljit writes:

Amazing suv you can’t compare any other SUV. It would be a great pleasure to have. I’m buying a new one for the third time. I had one is 2017, the second one I bought in 2020 and now I’m buying the new model for 2021. It’s a great car I’m absolutely in love! It’s addictive to have such an amazing car!!

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Displaying all 2021 Land Rover Range Rover Sport reviews reviews.

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