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2019 Jaguar XFReview
Guru94L2WJ writes:

It is an absolute must get car. I love it. After driving a Benz for over 20 years, trying something new was hard for me. I like that it comes with maintenance.

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2018 Jaguar XF Reviews

Review By ORIEL

Excellent vehicle but seems to have moved away from its original luxury feel and gone more for a sporty, plasticky, modern look and feel. No woodgrain, no valour headliner, no out of the norm folding... Read More

Review By Guru76ZR7

It would have been great for me except i live in the middle of nowhere. Getting it serviced would be a nightmare Read More

2017 Jaguar XF Reviews

Review By Guru9X6SNJ

Awesome !! Nice and smooth also good on gas Read More

Review By Guru6HT4V

Owned a portfoiio model, loaded with features. Trouble free. A great medium size car. The portfolio model is rare and many of its features are not really needed. Read More

2016 Jaguar XF Reviews

Review By Antonio

I liked it so much that I bought it. Read More

2015 Jaguar XF Reviews

Review By GuruJ734Y

Amazing car I would love to see my wife in Read More

Review By Kreshendalea

I think its beautiful Im excited. Mercedes puts me in the mind of this car. Read More

2014 Jaguar XF Reviews

Review By Brian

It is a beautiful vehicle. I would be very happy owning this car. Read More

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