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    2009 Subaru Impreza WRX STIReview
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    Very All-around Impressive — my Subaru impreza WRX STI is the best car I've driven, and I've driven some pretty amazing cars, anywhere from ferrari's to porsches! And you get 10x the performance for a fraction of the price, everything about this car is awesome! Wether it's the custom STI interior, or the fact that you can beat a lot of people at the weekend track! Now, just because it's my favorite car, the engine has never had any problems, everybody always wants to race or envy's my car, it's the fact that there are really no "cons" about this car! I've driven it in the snow of Boston Ma, to Miami Fl and family road trips to Vegas, every weather traffic or road condition, this car can handle it better than others, other then that, the customizable transmission within the car while you're driving really caught my eye! Theres a dial right by the armrest, where all you do, is turn and press, for wichever mode of shifting you want, wether you're picking up groceries, or driving aggressively on the track, or a little street race with friends, Subaru says Bring it on!

    Primary Use: Sport/fun (spirited driving, track racing, off-roading, etc.)

    Pros: Stylish, very fast, rides great, everybody wants it!

    Cons: really, none?

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    If You're Into Import Cars, This Is The Best To Go. Fast And By Pao

    This car is fun to drive. The most important reason I purchased this car is because of its All Wheel Drive (AWD). The car can tackle almost any corner on the streets whether it's slippery and rain... Read More

    2011 Subaru Impreza WRX STI Reviews

    Great, Fast, & Cool. By Chad

    My wife and I purchased this car for our son on the 16th birthday. It was a great purchase, great overall performance and great maintenance. Never a bit of trouble and my son loves this car. I love ... Read More

    007 Would Drive This By StarFox

    Great car! M3, Porsha' and corvettes all try to race me lol. Handles great! No mods but brakes, it has a short throw shifter in it also! Best body type. 2014 bodies are alright. This is a 007 car.... Read More

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    Great Buy By Jones89

    This car was built for speed and handling. It's light weight and aggressive body add a good wow factor. It's not the greatest daily driver but you will find yourself ignoring discomfort and smiling... Read More

    Family Car Nawww 4 Door Beast By Nick

    love it fast handles amazing can take this car on the track/rally/ and everyday use. i have drag raced this car and it beats most of the v8's out there with stage 2 and tune. overall great car for t... Read More

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    Great All Around Car By Gabriel

    Bought this car after my 240sx, 300zx, and GTI. I really enjoyed my time with it and totally regret selling it. I thought I no longer needed a fast car or stick shift. It turns out I was wrong. I ... Read More

    About By Phillipp

    Love the car, it is exciting to drive and rarely gets boring. It is an absolute blast to drive in the snow. And even in 6th gear, there is still enough to get out of it's own way and switch lanes. Read More

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