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2002 Honda Passport 4 Dr EX 4WD SUVReview

Don't Buy New At The End Of A Cars Cycle. — I've had the car since 2002 - it's the ex-l (lux or leather) with 4x4 and towing. I have 105k on it now and never really had a problem. The car has enough power, the 4x4 push button works great. Now that I think about it, I haven't had any maintenance issues to speak of - but two main annoyances; the fan belt squeeks when it's cold - its hydraulic, so you can't tighten it. It did have a valve rattle, but once the valves were adjusted that stopped. It eats a erg valves every two years - but buy one lifetime one and you're set. Otherwise the problem I've had is the resale market it non-existant. I see them posted for 10k+, it's worth at least that, but you can't get anyone to look at it. I had mine on cars.com and autotrader for months, with barely any reply - carmax offered 3500k for it - my car is mint - so I've decided to keep it for ski seasons and off road. But mainly its a 3rd car I use for the commute.

Pros: inexpensive 4x4, great styling

Cons: fan belt noise, no resale value

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2002 Honda Passport 4 Dr EX 4WD SUVReview

Best Suv For The Money — I have owned Honda's and still own 2 Honda Passport SUV's. I would always recommend a Honda for reliability, gas mileage, performance, appearance, quality and a fun car to drive. My SUV is great in bad weather, especially in the Mountains of East Tennesssee.

Primary Use: Commuting to work

Pros: 4WD,  Lots of Room, Great Gas Mileage, Reliability

Cons: None

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Displaying all 2 2002 Honda Passport reviews.

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As Of Right Now I Hate It!! By Mom2Dano

I bought this car in October after messing up my accord pretty bad. I was also needing something with a little more room and came across this deal! And what a great deal it was. Come to find out, I no... Read More

Great Ride By Melissa

This is an absolutely great weekend running around vehicle. I use it mostly for beach outings, trips to the dog park and traveling. Lots of room - fun to drive - decent gas mileage - easy maintenance... Read More

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Great Car For Winter Buy At A Low Mileage If Possible! By RNikolai

I used the 4wd often living in a mountain town that gets lots of snow. It did great when in 4 wheel, however if I didn't remember or think it needed 4 wheel the chances of slipping we're great. If you... Read More

Fun Car To Own By soldierboy63m

i suggest it to friends its a great suv and comfortable to drive u have alot of cargo room and also plenting of seating space. i enjoy the cargo rack and also that the rear seats lay down to give you ... Read More

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Shawn By Tyler

Drivers side rear bumper ending is cracked and a dent in the front bumper. The acceleration is still very good, braking and handeling as well. The heat shield is loose wich makes a rattling sound.... Read More

Great Suv For Anyone By Hayden

This vehicle doesn't get the best mileage, but it's okay for and SUV. The 205 horsepower V6 is very powerful yet quiet. This Passport is the exact same as an Isuzu Rodeo. Ride quality is great and so ... Read More

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A Good Little Truck, But Not My Dream Car :/ By Mari

I like it well enough. It gets me from A to B. I've only had it for a few months. It's a bit of a bouncy ride but I don't mind it. It's not much of a looker but it'll do well in the winter! Read More

Honda Passport By Tony

Performance - Stock, but has torque for a v6, hauls anything I need for it to be hauled. Build Quality - Engine needed alot of maintenance, burns oil, and sucks alot of gas. Other than that, it is ... Read More

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Amazing By Ashkaun

It is a fun and good looking car, and extremely reliable. I own the 5speed manual so i definitely abuse the car daily and all my friends think im a crazy driver, and even with 175k on the odometer its... Read More

Made By Isuzu, Not Honda By Rob

Any time I tell someone at the local Honda dealer about my Passport, they respond "You know it wasn't made by Honda, right?" Well - yes, but since they service it and they keep asking, I'll keep telli... Read More

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