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1996 Audi Cabriolet FWDReview
John writes:
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A Lotta Car For The Money — Stylish cabriolet as chosen by Princess Diana. Still looks stunning years later - much better than later A4 Cabs. Not as quick as you would expect from a V6 but nippy enough. Handling could be better with a little roll on corners.

Primary Use: Sport/fun (spirited driving, track racing, off-roading, etc.)

Pros: Great fun in the sun.

Cons: Able to pass other cars but not petrol stations!

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1996 Audi CabrioletReview
Claes41 writes:

Audi Cabriolet — It has the smoothest and best engine I have ever tryed to drive. It looks very classic and drives lige a very luxerious car. Another great thing about the Audi´s are that they almost can´t rust. And the tecnique simply NEVER dies. It is very fast to warm up the cabin even when it is -10 degrees outside. Actually it is warmer inside than the cloesed versions because of the very good heating system.

Pros: Looks, quality, performance, design never gets oldfashioned.

Cons: noting at all

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1996 Audi Cabriolet FWDReview
Gregg writes:

Loved This Car! Looked As Good With The Top Up As Down. — Great one latch power top, automatically lowered the windows a few inches when you twisted the latch. Reasonable trunk space for a convertible. Wind blocker extended the season, though it rendered the rear seats unusable when installed.

Pros: Good looking, decent fuel economy, good ergonomics, solid.

Cons: No manual transmission available.

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Displaying all 1996 Audi Cabriolet reviews reviews.

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