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1988 Chrysler Le Baron Highline ConvertibleReview
Jack writes:
Cargo Capacity:
Fuel Economy:
Front Seats:
Maintenance Cost:

Still Turns Heads — I bought the car new in 1988, have had it painted once. Can do most work myself. No unusual problems. Have thought of buying a new car but keep thinking of how much fun I have at with this for 26 years with low cost.

Pros: Style, gas economy, 5 speed manual, lots of diy.

Cons: Not enough power, rear visibility

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1988 Chrysler Le BaronReview
jims333 writes:

Generally Dependable And Runs Well. — Generally a good little car but all the electronics are expensive to repair if a problem occurs.

Owner for 1 years, 8 months

Miles Driven per Year:8,000

Pros: Good gas mileage and runs well.

Cons: Electronic components such as HVAC unit, etc. expensive to replace and difficult to find parts.

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1988 Chrysler Le BaronReview
Trinity writes:

Oh My Garsh!!! — This car was fine at first i loved it but then the transmission started going so it would shake really bad and felt like you were on a roller coaster

Pros: fast

Cons: hole in the topper

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Displaying all 1988 Chrysler Le Baron reviews reviews.

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1995 Chrysler Le Baron Reviews

Review By GuruGXTGL

Best car I ever owned. Only issue is it did like to eat transmissions. Read More

Great All-around Future-classic Drop Top By orescad1

Lebaron's '87 to '95 classic "wedge" design is still an eye-catcher. Handling is stabile in spite of the missing metal roof structure. Low end torque is plentiful, surprising more than a few sport-s... Read More

1994 Chrysler Le Baron Reviews

Sexy And Sleek By Harry

This car had the mitsubishi 3.0 and had plenty of power. Car drove and handeld pretty well. It was low to the ground though and my seat was busted so those two things did not make for a very comfortab... Read More

Its A Good First Car By webbe

It's a really good first car but it needs more horse power. I would like to be able to install some aftermarket hardware in it and hopefully get an increase in horsepower coming from the car. 1994 Chr... Read More

1993 Chrysler Le Baron Reviews

Favorite Convertible. By rblockiii

She is twenty-one now and has retired from her duties as a daily driver. This car was probably the nicest drop top auto an average guy could afford to drive from a time when convertibles were few and ... Read More

I Want To Hate It, But Its Too Damn Good Of A Car. By Ozzie

Performance- It accelerates awesome, handles well, but the tires have too much sidewall flex, brakes tend to fade after hard use, Build Quality- It is built surprisingly well for the era it was bui... Read More

1992 Chrysler Le Baron Reviews

My Third By israndy

I continue to love the Chrysler convertibles and look forward to my next one, an inexpensive way to get a convertible in your life, paid $5000 in 2000 with 3000 miles on the ODO. My last one ran to al... Read More

A Beautiful Silver Four Door By Mc

This vehicle had 120k miles when purchased. Equipped with a V-6 3.0 liter Mitsubishi engne coupled to a 4 speed auto. Generated 120 hp. Front wheel drive, very stable vehicle, dependable build. Had sl... Read More

1991 Chrysler Le Baron Reviews

Review By Michael

car looks to be in excellent shape-collectors quality, good value Read More

Good Car But After 100,000 You're Gonna Be Payin Alot Of $$$ By CJ

this is a fun car. Honestly even though it's just a commuter car. it will get you from a to b, the top is nice and it not a bad lookin car. I just replaced the transmission though and it eats coolant ... Read More

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