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1985 Buick LeSabreReview
Spunkie writes:

Buick Stands For Excellants And Comfort When You Can Rely On That The Rest Comes Easy. —

Ive been in a buick family all my life. My birth date was 9/1/48 our first buick was the road master torpedo back strieght 8 engine with the dynaflow trans. Power and tourqe went camping all over WA. state, I started steering that car sitting next to my dad on my knees at 13yr's old at 15yr's old driving, I could go on for ever about the fun and adventures we had in that car. Buick no.2 was a 59 Buick Invicted 2 door 401 eng. with the dynaflow trans, the lines were beautiful, once again plenty of power and torque. Not to mention the room inside and again comfort. When I got older I bought it from my dad and put 200,000 miles on it and sold it to a friend. No.3 you'll love this 65 Rivera GS. 425 dual quad manifold with two quadrajet carbs, ram air 360 horse,with positraction. 2 dr, leather bucket seats with console and 400 turbo, Dad still has it excellant condition. No.4 are you sitting down I don't want you to fall, 1970 GSX Stage1 0ne of only 10 4 speeds borg warner T10 455 CI, 360HP. 13.8 out of the crate, what a car Hurst olds and GTO no chance, sold in 85 for $2500, if I could kick myself I probly wouldn't be able to walk. Once again comfort wasn't cheated by power, and you talk about fun, I cruised WA. Canada all over the NW. No.5 1985 Buick Lasebra 4DR. Lots of room for my three boy's 305 CI. white with blue crushed velvet interior I loved the lines of that car, good power up to 85 mph, but excellant suspenion very good though the turns. That was one thing about buicks over other cars even other GM cars they were very firm and stable through the turns and roads that we have to nogiate out there. They were roomy and comfotable very dependable, and very safe which for a family man takes a load of your mind then trips are alot more fun. You can't go wrong with Buick. I was in outside sales drove all of western WA. and Oregan and when I wasn't working it was my family car, and I coached baseball and soccer so it hauled alot of kids it had alot of memories also and was very dependable, after all can't have the coach late to the games.

Primary Use: Family transportation

Pros: Safe Durable Fun at a  reasonable price.

Cons: None

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1985 Buick LeSabreReview
Chris writes:

Affordable Luxury Car Of The 80's — Smooth ride, decent performance, very comfortable and cheap. Great gas mileage for a V8 as well as having power under the hood.

Pros: Gas Mileage, comfort, SHEET METAL BODY!

Cons: almost 4000 lbs and needs a little TLC

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1985 Buick LeSabre Review
Wayne says:
307 v8 last of the full size sedans rides beautifully just floats down the road
vs1986 Buick LeSabre Custom Sedan FWD
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Looks/Style Ranked 1986 Buick LeSabre Custom Sedan FWD worse.
"Bigger wider better riding car"
Would Buy Ranked 1986 Buick LeSabre Custom Sedan FWD worse.
"V8 rear wheel drive best touring car ever lets of trunk space and enough leg room for adults in the back seat"
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Displaying all 1985 Buick LeSabre reviews reviews.

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