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1983 Ford RangerReview
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Low Gas Mileage, But Hey, It's A Hotrod — Good looks and awesome power. Would love a fancy radio but the cab doesn't allow much to be added in the way of amps and speakers. May upload a few pictures in the future because I may be selling it.

Primary Use: Sport/fun (spirited driving, track racing, off-roading, etc.)

Pros: Sounds and runs great

Cons: Too noisy for a radio

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1983 Ford RangerReview

Great Choice For Work Truck! —

The Ford Ranger is probably the best compact truck ever made. People generally get hundreds of thousands of miles out of them. I am no exception. My 1983 Ford Ranger 4x4 has turned over it's odometer 4 times. Part of the reason for it's longevity is that the engines seem to be a lower compression. With proper care (oil changes etc) it can run and run. The Toyota's engines are also excellent but run at a higher compression. Generally the Toyota will be pretty used up if it can get to 275k miles. The Ranger can keep going past that though! The body steel is thicker and stronger on the Ranger as well. The Toyota may achieve better gas mileage. The overall cost to operate is lower on the Ranger. One danger spot on the first generation Rangers is the radiator. Toss the stock and replace it with a beefier unit. If you have a automatic tranny, install a large transmission cooler. The stock rear for Rangers 1983-1990 was the Ford 7.7". It is ok but if you plan on hauling heavy loads or doing any notable off roading, upgrade to the tough as nails Ford 8.8. Grab one off an Explorer for disk brakes! The stock front end of the Ranger 4x4 on the early years is the Dana 28. Upgrade that with the Dana 35 and you will be cooking with gas!! I was planning on replacing my Ranger a long time ago because it is in primer and has dents and whatnot. The truck just won't die though and I have no practical reason to replace the little rig.

Primary Use: Utility (towing boats, transporting cargo, etc.)

Pros: Tough, Nimble, Reliable, Easy to park,

Cons: Not the greatest gas mileage

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1983 Ford RangerReview

My First Baby — I miss my baby! This was my first car. Sadly I had to sell this truck after 14 years of ownership. Lots of hard work was put into the paint and body work, as well as many modifications to the 4 banger engine. This thing hauled butt for a four banger! Will miss this truck :(

Pros: Provided 14 years of great memories

Cons: That I no longer own it

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1983 Ford RangerReview

Tank. Takes A Beating Like One And Keeps Rollin. — Good mileage, good for jumping. Built Ford Tough. Well, at least back when this puppy was in it's prime.

Pros: Strong, good mileage

Cons: Old, 2WD

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1983 Ford Ranger Review
This truck is good for the family and its really good for gas.
vs1979 Ford F-250
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Displaying all 5 1983 Ford Ranger reviews.

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