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1983 Dodge ChargerReview
Adam writes:

First Car —

This car was my first car, it was either this or a senior class ring. I thought i'd get more mileage from a car then a ring, so.... The Car did what it was supposed to do. It was owned by a fire marshall before me, and the gearing I BELIEVE was futzed with. While it had decent pickup, it didn't have a lot of power for a 2.2 Lt car. It usually had to be downshifted on big hills 1 or 2 gears. Where it made up for that was it's top speed. The gearing allowed for something over 130. Never quite hit the top end - there were no roads long enough for it to get to the top speed. After a accident in a blizzard, i had to have a new hood and front grill put on. The only replacement at the time that could be found was a white Plymouth Duster... so I then had a VERY getto car for the remainder of it's life. It was full of repair needs, but got great gas mileage. I could usually go to Boston (from Burlington Vermont), to and from, on 1 tank of gas. There's NO car out there anymore that can really claim the same. Thank you petroleum industry.

Pros: Great Gas Mileage

Cons: Look at it - it's not a REAL charger :(

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1983 Dodge ChargerReview
Dragonlens writes:

'83 Dodge Charger The Best There Was. — '83 Dodge Charger 2.2, was the best car I ever owned. It was red with black vinyl trim. It took a beating and kept on going. It could handle high water, half way up the door, without stalling out. I made a great work vehicle. I would love to get my hands on one today, and restore it. You could drive it until it couldn't be repaired any longer.

Pros: Great performance

Cons: none

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1983 Dodge Charger Review
GuruD43VS says:
the coolest car to be diffrent in
vs1983 Ford Mustang GLX Hatchback RWD
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Displaying all 3 1983 Dodge Charger reviews.

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