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1982 Chevrolet MalibuReview
Titus writes:

Malibu Mayhem — love this car to death! traveled in it pulling the trailer with my band mates. 230,000 miles no jokes a double roll over. this is the last of the great american muscle, just needs some tender loving care and a bigblock

Pros: the looks I get when someone else understands what I feel

Cons: there is no ac

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1982 Chevrolet MalibuReview
Chris writes:

Its My First Car, Not Many Other May Like It Like I Do. — So this was my Grandpa's car before I got it for free from him, it breaks nice and you can steer it with your pinky but it has almost no giddy up, it has/had new paint on it but it was a shoddy job so its all peeling, but I'm a sucker for older cars and i just love it. It isn't easy on gas but a few things could fix that and it needs some maintenance but it sat in tall grass for 10 or so years. Super fun to drive even without acceleration. I would trust my life on this car, I mean sure it has its problems but for being 27 years old and how its been treated it still works well

Pros: It was my first car, I can't help that i still love it.

Cons: Mine is in really bad shape so it doesn't look great and has bad mileage.

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Displaying all 1982 Chevrolet Malibu reviews reviews.

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