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1963 Chevrolet C/K 10Review
David writes:
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The Funnest Car I Own — Simply amazing. Straight six (230 ci) Three on the tree. For those who dont know what that is, its a three speed manuel on the column. Its not very fast but its fun to drive. No power steering or power brakes but it stops and handles suprisingly well.

Primary Use: Sport/fun (spirited driving, track racing, off-roading, etc.)

Pros: Its a piece of history and it looks cool.

Cons: Its still in the restoration stage

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1963 Chevrolet C/K 10Review
Kyle writes:

1963 Chevy — well it is a 1963 chey 4x4 with a 283 V8 4 speed well the quality is good well the age of it speaks for it self it has to be good to be around this long and it is a chevy thest rucks ever made

Primary Use: Sport/fun (spirited driving, track racing, off-roading, etc.)

Pros: 4x4

Cons: 283 v8

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1963 Chevrolet C/K 10Review
Kelly writes:

If You Can Get Your Hands On One For The Love Of All That Is America: Buy It !!! — A good representation of American Working Muscle. A Chevy C10 w/half moon helper leaf springs in back in addition to four wheel coil springs, a utility step side truck that does all that you can ask of it with in reason and some things that defy reason. My version came equipped with a 283ci short stroke V8 that ran so strong that every one thought it must be a corvette 350, mated to an SM425 four speed trans mission with 1st being "granny low" at a ratio of 7.05:1 that made you think it could pull a battleship as long as you were Ok with moving at 3mph. And let us not forget an amazing Posi-trac rear end that allowed you to do the kind of off-roading you only thought possible in a stock jeep.

Primary Use: Family transportation

Pros: Built like it should last a hundred years, and with proper care they all will.  A screaming engine with a "bomb proof" trany attached to a rock hard classic Posi-trac rear, I would put this combo in any roadster and love it but in a truck they made a roadster with a bed out back for all the times when nothing but a truck would do.

Cons: The "Dog-leg" windsheild is a hard piece to find and an expensive piece to aquire.

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Displaying all 1963 Chevrolet C/K 10 reviews reviews.

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