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EricHanson54 writes:
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Loved It, And Wish I Had Another One Like It (4 Door Pillarless Hard Top) — See the above pros and cons. The Buick was great for boat towing. The big deep well trunk swallowed a family of five's week long vacation needs with ease. Looking back, rust was the worst problem, but the thing was bulletproof mechanically speaking, happily absorbing abuse at my dumb teen aged hands while serving Mom and Dad as a family hauler too. They did not know that I humbled friends Chevies, Fords, and Dodges in drag races by manually selecting low range and then flooring the mighty 401 engine. 0-60 was stopwatched in under 7 seconds many times. Wheelspin could interfere with that, but a careful launch technique... wow!

Primary Use: Family transportation

Pros: The smooth "Twin Turbine" transmission along with the forward and down positioning of the engine produced an almost flat floor in the '63. It was a power monster, especially when low range was manually selected. Fine cornering capabilities because of the low center of gravity, and the 12" finned aluminum drums produced powerful braking too. As if this was not enough, it rode nicely too. Great heater and good vents.  

Cons: This car was on the thirsty side, and the rear section of frame, aft of the rear axle rusted in two in 1972. Some flooring required replacement too. Of course salt is a big issue here in Maine for high mile year around cars.  

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