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1. Starling Chevrolet of Orlando 4.9 miles

13155 S Orange Blossom Trl
Orlando, FL 32837

(321) 250-5957

30 reviews
""Horrible Experience!" I visited the dealership on 11/5/2017. I had a scheduled 11:30am appointment to see a 2005 Corvette. Upon arrival I waited for my "sales person" but was told he was not available and that a different sales person would assist me. He was a nice young guy but he later admitted that he had only been at the dealership for about 2 weeks. He told me he needed my license and that he would get the car, standard protocol. After about 10 mins he came back and told me now he needed to run around the lot to find the car. He was not kidding, he was literally running around the lot, I watched him circle the entire area until he was no longer insite. He reappeared a few minutes later with I have good news, and bad news. The good news was he located the car, the bad news was he did not know where the key was, so this would take some more time. He escorted us out to show us the car, that we could not get in but could still look at while he went on a mission to locate the key. After about 10 more minutes he again reappeared with another good news, bad news scenario. Good news was that he had located the key, bad new was (and he prefaced this with "the car has not been serviced and brought up to Starling standards yet", odd since the car has been on auto trader for at least a week and I had a scheduled appointment to see this specific car), anyway the bad news it will not crank however it is not because of any mechanical issue. Now call me crazy but I'm not sure what else would cause it not to crank, accept a mechanical issue? So after driving from DeBary to Kissimmee, waiting for about 30+ minutes total, for a SCHEDULED appointment, I was able to see the outside of the car, finally the inside of the car but obviously could not hear it run nor take a test drive. I really felt sorry for this young sales person as he was clearly hung out to dry by his peers and management. Never did anyone offer to help him as he was obviously struggling with a bad situation and no manager offered to apologize. In reading previous reviews I see this is a fairly consistent issue at this shop, you would think someone would get this cleaned up but evidently it is considered acceptable customer service. Since I am the GM at a very successful sales company I know this would not be something I would tolerate. I'm only mad at myself for not reading the reviews sooner. I did send a follow up email to my imaginary sales person but predictably I did not hear back. The good news is that I think the car is what I'm looking for, the bad news I would have to deal with this dealership to purchase it. "

2. Starling Chevrolet Buick GMC 10.4 miles

1001 E US Hwy 192
Saint Cloud, FL 34769

(407) 809-3110

24 reviews
"Drove a 2 hour ride to see a used Cadillac cts 2017 luxury. Since it was a long drive I called them saying I'll be there in 2 hours and I even gave them amother call saying I'll be at the dealership in 30 minutes. When I got there they had no idea what car I wanted and the car wasn't even pulled up and cleaned it was disgusting. They also ran my credit right away before when even started talking about price. The car was going for 33k on their Internet price the sales guy was even trying to sell it to me at sticker price at first and I told them I wanted the car for 30k because after doing long research I knew I could get the car for 30k. Sales guy didn't even talk to his manager shook my hand and said I can't do that and sent me on my way. Literally 2 weeks later the car price drop to 31,500. I find it funny how they swore that 33k was the best they can do and then drop the car down a grand and a half more. Do not buy from this dealership they are a joke "

3. AutoNation Chevrolet Airport 13 miles

5600 Lee Vista Blvd
Orlando, FL 32812

(866) 313-1824

11 reviews
"Nice used Corvette but sales manager was unwilling to budge on the price. Found a new one in south Florida for about the same price which I’m considering unless Auto Nation decides to offer me a better deal..."

4. AutoNation Chevrolet West Colonial 17.3 miles

3707 West Colonial Drive
Orlando, FL 32808

(866) 313-6142

20 reviews

5. Carl Black of Orlando 21.9 miles

11500 E Colonial
Orlando, FL 32817

(407) 982-1202

6 reviews
"Great service. "

6. Don Mealey Chevrolet 22.8 miles

17185 State Road 50
Clermont, FL 34711

(352) 353-2011

20 reviews
vachara landry
"The dealer was very attentive and proactive in contacting me for the vehicle I was interested in. Albeit I had not the opportunity to visit them in person, I believe they are will to go the extra miles to make one feel comfortable in the car buying process. "

7. Chevrolet Center Incorporated 28.1 miles

101 Cypress Gardens Blvd
Winter Haven, FL 33880

(863) 313-1034

9 reviews
"Quick responses"

8. McGuire Chevrolet 28.5 miles

21500 US Highway 27 S
Lake Wales, FL 33859

(863) 777-5354

12 reviews
"This place conducts business and has the level of customer service and professionalism that is worse than the shady "buy here, pay here" lots you'd see driving through a ghetto... They had a car I was interested in, I live 3hrs away, so I emailed them an offer a over a week ago. They didn't agree, but tried to set up an appointment. I explained that I live 3hrs away, and if we aren't even close on the price it would be a complete waste of time for both parties if we aren't in the same ballpark. Now for the rest of the story keep in mind I've been in the car sales business, and my previous business partner owns a dealership in Pennsylvania where I moved from. I've bought, sold, traded, auctioned, wholesale and done this whole car sales thing, and this is far from my first rodeo!!! So, they start sending me emails daily telling me about all the people they have scheduled coming to see this one single car.(common technique I've just never seen anyone overuse it SO MUCH, to the point my response became "I guess with all these people coming to buy they car, it would be ridiculous of me to drive three hours and expect the car to be there." Well then they explain they couldn't get the people approved, (but if I come their manager is willing to work with me on the price I need, and they are confident they will get me riding in it tomorrow). Well, I hate car salesmen(when they are working) so I avoid them at all costs, and went to look at that car and three others on Sunday(when they are closed and I can make educated decisions without someone breathing down my neck). I decided I liked the car, and wanted it. I then realized they had a clean Autocheck but no Carfax(Autocheck is cheaper and many times doesn't show a car has been wrecked... dealers love it!!!) GUESS WHAT,,,, it HAS BEEN WRECKED, not totaled, but wrecked and still greatly decreases the current value, and future resale or trade in. I now call in explaining that I'll buy the car at my offer, with the stipulation that I can get the car looked at by an Auto body/collision center OF MY CHOICE(they first offered to have their other location look at it for me��� as if that's not a conflict of interest) CHAPTER 2: WORST SALES MANAGER EVER I get a call from the sales manager, explained my offer/terms and that the car is wrecked and that a car that is wrecked DOES NOT fall into the same price and category as cars that are completely clean. This became a the period of the manager explaining he's not in the business of losing money. I totally understand the business is to make money and my offer was completely fair especially considering the car has been wrecked(asking price was $13,9ish I offered $14,700 out the door and had my own tag to transfer) So really I offered to pay almost the full asking price +tax, even after finding out the car had been wrecked... the only thing I wasn't going to pay was the dealer fees, dealer fees are a scam because they really have no way to justify a $699 fee,,,, for nothing.... I would be like me having a retail store and charging a (Store Owners Fee) and then when you asked what it is for I'd say "Well it takes money to run a business, I've got rent, utilities, credit card processing, insurance, maintenance, advertising, and tons of other costs to run a business, your fee is to cover my expenses" lol Well that what profits are for but when I told the sales manager the fees are a scam he said "Well if you've been in the business you'd understand the fees go towards getting the cars cleaned, inspected for safety and other things that cost money" Well yes, that's a business expense, and every business has them, you unfortunately have to pay those, it's a cost of doing business, but it shouldn't be in a secondary fee handed off to the consumer in the in a really shady way. I don't pay a mechanic a "Mechanic Fee" because he needs to pay for a lift, tools, insurance and everything involved with being a mechanic. I don't pay any other business, extra fees, that are more than their asking price because it's a cost of business and is paid for by profits.... It's a scam, it's just more money you are paying for the car,,,,, that isn't included in the asking price,,,, it shouldn't even be legal but is an accepted practice in the auto industry.... Car salesman don't have a bad reputation without reason, they earned it, and continue to earn the scumbag reputation by using scumbag tactics. Long story made long,,,, the sales manager said he'd go crunch numbers and get back with me and see what we could do,,, he never called back. I think he was going for a Grand Slam deal, but I knew too much and figured out the car was wrecked... I even emailed the person who was emailing me multiple times daily and asked why I hadn't heard back and if he was willing to take my offer especially now that I knew the car had been wrecked. She said she'd get right on it and have him get back with me but the car hadn't been wrecked and included the link to the AutoCheck. I sent the link to the Carfax showing it had been and that was the end of communication. I'm not mad I didn't get the car, I'm assuming they know the car had been wrecked, I know too much and that if I took it to a shop of my choice, more things would show up. That or they got an average person that unknowingly paid full price for the car and didn't realize it had been wrecked and might not even notice till it becomes an issue, or they go to sell, or trade it. Buyer Beware"

9. David Maus Chevrolet 35.6 miles

972 Town Center Blvd
Sanford, FL 32771

(407) 708-9622

6 reviews
"Enjoyable experience. "

10. Regal Chevrolet 36.8 miles

925 Bartow Rd
Lakeland, FL 33801

(863) 588-4019

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