Volkswagen Jetta GLI Questions

Can Anyone Tell Me What Might Be Going On With My VW Jetta?

My VW was in limp mode and I tried several things to fix it. I can’t figure it out it’s throwing a few new codes one being throttle position sensor idk what to do? Anyone have any ideas

Why Doesn't My Model Year Show Up

Trying to list 2017 Jetta GLI but I can only go back as far as 2019 ?

Jetta Cuts Out After Accelerating

I have a 2006 Jetta gli. After accelerating hard, when I put in the clutch, the car dies. But if I let my foot of the gas then put in the clutch it decelerates just fine. When it stalls there are n...

Headlight Fuse On A 2013 Jetta?

I have a 2013 Volkswagen Jetta both of my headlights went out as well replace both of the bulbs and the switch. Does anybody know where the fuses at and have a picture of it? I looked up online an...


Car Wont Start But Cranks

The car wont start only cranks friends suggest to put gasoline on air filter anyone knows if this might work??