14 Inch Centre Lock Wheels On Triumph Spitfire 65

Hi, I have 65 spitfire. Can I fit 14 inch MGB centre lock rims to it.

Car Selling & Trading In

I's having trouble listing my car for sale The website will not let me enter my vin and other features of the car. Please help

Car Gurus Says My Car's VIN Number Is Invalid

Hi, I'm trying to create a posting for a 1980 Triumph Spitfire and the VIN number on my car registration is coming up as 'invalid' when I put it in the field on Car Guru 'sell my car' page. I'm wonde...

1978 Spitfire Shuts Off While Driving.

I recently purchased a 1978 Triumph Spitfire. It shuts down while driving. There is no sputtering gas filter recently replaced, fuel lines replaced gas is new. Narrowing it down to an electric is...