Kia Cadenza Questions

Does 2015 Kia Cadenza Have Issue With Leaking Windshield

Does the Kia Cadenza 2014-16. Have issue with leaking windshield

Why Is My Temperature Gauge Fluctuating?

Hey! So my cars temperature guage will go past the median then jump back to where it’s supposed to be. I just had a new engine put in. Could it be that a hose is lose? Or is it low on fluids?

Issue With A Clock Spring

My car is Kia Cadenza 2010 model I took my car into a garage for changing the light hand switcher which is located near the wheel steering. The mechanic put the steering wheel to the center then ...

Navigation Clock

Navigation click stopped working. I updated the system. It.took 20 minutes, but it started working again. Hope this helps.

Digital & Analog Clock Not Working

Are people still having issues with their digital clock not being able to be set?