INFINITI M35 Questions


Anyone Having Problems With Dashboard Cracks On Infiniti Vehicles ??

I have a 08 Infiniti M35S with a dashboard that is showing signs of deterioration. In the last month the dash has developed soft spots and several cracks have appeared in scattered areas all over th...

Why Does My Car Advertisement Still Say “PROCESSING”?

I put up an add basically 24 hours ago it has yet to post.

Service Engine Light On

Car runs fine. Replaced radiator , hoses and thermostat. flushed coolant. Reset code for bad thermostat. What is wrong?

Issues After JDM Motor Replacement

06 Infiniti M35 replaced vq35 motor with JDM vq35 now climate controls/ac & heater not working no instrument cluster gauges operational and unable to shift lever out of park without pressing in th...



Infiniti m35 is running hot I’ve changed the radiator thermostat and cooling fan and cooling fan fuse and the radiator hose at the bottom doesn’t get warm and the top one is hot and also my cooling...

INFINITI M35 Overview

As the lower powered version of Infiniti's M Series, the M35 does a lot with what it's got. The midsize luxury sedan got a major redesign in 2006 and modernized itself in 2007. The powertrain has remained relatively constant with a 3.5 L, 275-280 hp V6 engine.

The "M" in M35 might as well stand for Modern because the M Series maintains a cutting-edge set of standard features. High end bells and whistles include leather seats, sunroof, Bluetooth, 6 cd changer with MP3 compatibility, and a vehicle info system that you read from a 7 inch LCD screen. Smooth on the inside and on the outside, the Infiniti M35 keeps pushing the envelope for a franchise bent on perfection.

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