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The dealership is saying that my airbag line, which is under the seat, has been cut and is not covered under warrantee. I'm not sure how I am responsible for this if I don't have small children a...

Fuel Injectors

own a 2015 chevy trax. just put some fuel in from a shoody gas station and now have a misfire in cylinder 4 around 10 min after filling up. I have a fuel system cleaner whats the easiest way to drain ...

2018 Chevy Trax - Trouble Setting The Clock

Ever since the time change this weekend I have been trying to set the clock in my 2018 Chevrolet Trax. I go to settings, set time/date and nothing happens. Any suggestions?

2014 Chevy Trax Starting Issues In The Cold

2014 Chevy Trax, having issues getting it started in the cold. Thought it was a frozen fule line, put in gas line antifreeze, filled up the tank, and 2 days later back to not starting again

Periodic Tapping Noise In Front Of Car

My car started making a periodic tapping noise like someone is tapping the hood with a screw driver (metal tapping metal). I starts when I am coming to a stop, might hear 2 low taps, car stops, whe...

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