Buick Verano Questions

2012 Verano ECMl Shutdown

My 2012 veranno does not have side sensors. It will fail intermittently while driving., and will not crank to restart with warm engine, at other times after turning off engine.A standing cool engine ...

Buick Verano 2014 Grinding Noise When Changing First Gear Only

I have a Buick Verano 2014. i wake up in the morning, go to my car, start it, wait for the engine to run a little, and then i drive it. when the transmission changes for the first time a grinding no...

Is My A/c Overcharged And Can I Fix It?

My a/c is blowing warm air, so I bought a can of refrigerant to charge it. When I attached the gauge, the needle was almost in the red. It was between yellow and red, so I guess it was overcharged...

It The Verano Speed Limit 120 Or 160

Is the buick verano top speed 120 or 160 because it wouldn't let me hit past 120

Spark Plug Wear Out In About 2000 To 3000 Miles Why?

spark plugs wearing out too often with no DTC shown.