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2021 Porsche 911Review
Guru95VFJS writes:

The perfect balanced Porsche if you’re looking for a daily driver that never ceases to bring a big smile to your face. Not the fastest or track burner but a pleasure to get in and go to the local grocery store. You will never be bored or feel “buyer remorse”.

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2020 Porsche 911 Reviews

Review By King

New owner and only about 300 miles so far. Love the new 992S! Styling, fit, finish, and performance are superb! Obviously Porsche is a premium luxury performance brand and commands a premium price... Read More

Review By GuruFD8PG

Great car ever built I is a joy to drive Read More

2019 Porsche 911 Reviews

Review By Guru953333

Good value compared to other places thanks Read More

Review By Guru95XGGR

It wasn’t too appealing knowing it’s a coupe with not much power to accelerate. I’d rather go for a GT3 though it costs more but it’s worth the money. Read More

2018 Porsche 911 Reviews

Review By Doc

The GT3 Touring is the finest road car Porsche has ever produced. A pure driver’s car. Read More

Review By Gary

Love it, it was the exact car I was looking for. Read More

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Review By Charlie

More features than expected. Its fair value for the money Read More

Review By GuruGF5DY

It was fantastic but I’m focusing on another one At this time Read More

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Review By iiudm

the beauty of Porsche it is being a Porsche, driving it hearing it enjoying every bit of engineering their team did for their cars. you dont need a special signature on an engine to tell you who did ... Read More

Review By Untethered-Billions

Classic Porsche design as with all these vehicles and without exception if you had an issue prior to getting into this car, you can bet your bottom dollar, you won’t recall it after your drive in the... Read More

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