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2021 Chevrolet CorvetteReview
GuruH38VJ writes:

its a fantastic car, features all top grade, i own many corvettes and this is by far the best. im a large guy and fit well, chevy knocked out of the park, espially for the money..

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2021 Chevrolet CorvetteReview
Porsche_PWR writes:

A True Icon created. A tough act to follow. Look forward to getting mine.

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2021 Chevrolet CorvetteReview
ergomikey writes:

Nice looking car. The exterior is top notch, with the only drawback being ground clearance on the front spoiler. Yes, there is a fix for that, but it costs ya. My biggest grip is the seats, They are very narrow, GT1 seats hurt my shoulders if I sit back. The competition seats are narrower still. GT2 seats are better, but more expensive and colors are limited depending on model LT1, LT2, etc. .

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2021 Chevrolet CorvetteReview
Benagi writes:

On the forums I’ve been on, people are loving their C8’s.

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Displaying all 2021 Chevrolet Corvette reviews reviews.

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