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2020 Audi S5Review
GuruG8LZT writes:

handles great, fast, and looks great. Would buy again in a heartbeat

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2019 Audi S5 Reviews

Review By Guru958BS9

Great car...high performance and still comfortable...I have owned many Audis and like the brand Read More

2018 Audi S5 Reviews

Review By ddddww

Fantastic handling car and very reliable. Would buy again for sure! Read More

Review By Guru9Q9BP2

This car is the total package between styling power and technology Read More

2016 Audi S5 Reviews

Review By Speedweid

S5 has exceeded my expectations. Has different driving modes, comfort, Dynamic, ect. Will auto blimp the downshift. Sporty luxury. Awd and a supercharged V6 is smooth and strong. I would compare it to... Read More

Review By Owen

Good value and can be driven all year with AWD. Read More

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Review By Guru9KKJW5

Nice car at nice price. Also looking for 2016 BMW 2 series coupe’ and X4s Read More

Review By Guru9ZGRK1

Vanity best describes my #1 attraction to this model of car. A conservative appeal but with a real sports car feel in overall performance. Also one of the last sports cars offering a manual transmis... Read More

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Review By Guru91VPWG

Very smoothe driving vehicle. Picks up speed quickly. This particular one was missing back up camera which is usually pretty standard. Navigation button didn’t seem to be active (not sure if. It ... Read More

Review By Robert

Fun to drive great interior seats 4 comfortably which is hard to find Read More

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