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2010 Aston Martin DBS Coupe RWDReview
Ian writes:
Cargo Capacity:
Family Car:
Fuel Economy:
Front Seats:
Maintenance Cost:

It's Awesome!!!!! — A fast fun car that is good money and can go almost every where and you don't have to spend to much to get a used one!! You can also take a friend along with you anywhere you go. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Primary Use: Sport/fun (spirited driving, track racing, off-roading, etc.)

Pros: It's drop dead beautiful!!!

Cons: It's only got two seats.

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2010 Aston Martin DBS Coupe RWDReview
Robert writes:

Buy Dis Thing — hauls ass fun ass hell looks good but not as good as the db9 many fun buttons to play around with the quality of this car is amazingly high quality i woauld never sell it un less its for a new aston martin

Primary Use: Sport/fun (spirited driving, track racing, off-roading, etc.)

Pros: fun as hell

Cons: the v12 vantage will kick its ass

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Displaying all 2010 Aston Martin DBS reviews reviews.

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Best car I have ever owned and I have owned a lot of cars. Currently own 12, and this is my favorite. Even beyond my McLaren 720s. Such a quality build - an absolute head turner. Read More

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This model I’m particularly looking forward to driving. The DBS is a beautiful expression of British Enginering but the manual transmission was a must for me. I may be making a few modifications to t... Read More

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I love the acceleration it's very powerful and the abs makes the braking easier and the handling is very good i didn't know Aston Martins could turn so good. When I first bought it it was all shiny a... Read More

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This car even though its not mine its my fathers amazes me turning corners and getting up to great speeds without even noticing it. This car`s price is pretty good for an exotic sport`s car. My review... Read More

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This car'c acceleration isn't at the same level as most supercars, however it is spectacular. The handling is amazing, too. The build quality is perfect. I have never had to have major repairs. ... Read More

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Douglas is a spendid machine. He has uprated aircon; brake servo vacuum plenum chambers, transmission, springs, front roll bar, valves and camshafts. I have complained to Facebook about not being able... Read More

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The 1971 DBS was a straight six ,tripple carburettor engine churning out 280 - 300bhp and with an approx. top speed of 265km/hr... slighty less underpowered compared to the V8 fuel injected engine in ... Read More

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