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Ross writes:

2001 Infiniti G20 — i live my new car. I had a 1997 Honda accord that was really bad. this car is soo much better on gas apperence and everything. i have a lot of fun driving it. The picture isnt actally my car but it looks the same.

Pros: really good ride quality and good on gas

Cons: could have a biger engine

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2002 INFINITI G20 Reviews

Great Car By Seth

I liked driving the car. Not on my list for cars to tune, but made a great daily driver. Great gas mileage, and its an Infiniti, if you take care of it, it lasts forever. Overall, a good buy as a dail... Read More

My Car Is Solid, I Love It, And Would Love To Be Able To Afford Another, Newer One. By Jennifer

Love the look of my car, AND the rarity of it. You don't often see another one in your travels. I DON'T like the limited space, not with two BIG kids! Thank God for our minivan. We only use the... Read More

2000 INFINITI G20 Reviews

Would By Another By Dwayne

its a keeper, the power is enough to overtake , it handles well and the build is solid, only thing is i have to get most of my parts from overseas so sometimes the wait is a killer, but i have gotte... Read More

Looks Of A More Pricey Car By NJCougar

Yes, This is a very fun to drive car.. I bought it New in 2000 and now in 2011 I have 167,000 on it. I need a few new things like a new suspension an ABS sensor and a catalytic. Overall the car runs l... Read More

1999 INFINITI G20 Reviews

P11 G20 By OG

nothing on it yet except a full 2.5 in exhaust but it gets up n go when needed has some work to get done.. did brakes n rotors already, suspensiion..some bushings n bearings to be done. pretty good g... Read More

Great Car For Beginner Drivers. By Angel

Great car. Been in the family for almost ten years.Never Broke down and always started right up. Leather interior. Great on gas, Only $40 to fill tank. Only thing needed to be replaced was the trans... Read More

1996 INFINITI G20 Reviews

Good Car. By kukuchu

It's a simple sedan that gets me from point A to point B. Not bad on gas milage. Handles well, and grip the road on corners very well. Cheap and fun to drive. Primarily used for work where I have to d... Read More

Great Car By Joe

acceleration is decent for 4 cylinder. braking is eccellent,handling very good its fun to drive has good mpg, everything works,needs new wheels and tires,no squeaks or rattles takes bumps pretty good... Read More

1995 INFINITI G20 Reviews

Surprisingly Great Car! By landmanhall

The previous owner put aftermarket sport springs on this car and it rides kind of rough but handles better than any other car I have driven. On/off ramps at 70mph are no problem. I have gotten as much... Read More

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