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2000 Kia SportageReview
Rustysride1 writes:

Looks good for the age. They are rough little rides.

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2000 Kia Sportage EX 4WDReview
Maxime writes:

Kia Sportage Ex 2000 — Had engine problem with it. Check engine light kept lighting up because 2 cylinder stop working (has 4 cylinder totals!). With two cylinders off, the sportage doesn’t have enough power to move, so if you slow down too much or stop before reaching your destination, you were screwed!!! Went to 3 different garage, the last one was the KIA dealer, and they couldn’t find the problem. Told me everything was fine when I went to go get it and I stalled 28 km after that. KIA can’t even repair their own vehicle. Do not buy a KIA unless you are ready to repair it yourself. Might have been a lemon because you see many in the streets working today, but you also hear a lot of people who have problems with it...check online :s

Primary Use: Sport/fun (spirited driving, track racing, off-roading, etc.)

Pros: small suv, 4x4, well equiped for price

Cons: engine problem, could have use more engine power (only 130hp)

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2000 Kia Sportage EX 4WDReview
Curtis writes:

Gets Me From A To B Most Of The Time — Uh, thats just the vibe this car sends out. 2.0L I4 produces 130hp which doesn't sound like a lot but can get you an improper lane usage warning by fish tailing in some rocks and totally destory the rear ring gear. About 21 or 22 mpg. Just feels cheaply made, which I think it was. A good partical car if you are the only one using it. Has a 10 year/100,000 mile warranty which you seem to use quite often. Just a car that screams "BUDGET!!!". Not fun to drive unless it has snowed. This is were i guess it excells is in bad weather. I have never gotten into a accident when the weather is bad so i give it props for that, but everything else on this car is dull, drab, and just so uhh.

Pros: 4wd, good in the snow, decent  gas milage, leather interior, roomy if your the only one in the car, enough room in the back to haul some stuff around

Cons: slow, slow, slow, slow, did i say slow, kinda of ulgy, should get better gas milage for a 4 cylinder, only one window workds, fells like it will roll over getting onto the interstate, brake pads make a lot of dust, and has a terrilbe reliabilty record.

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